Where to splash toilet water?

Where to splash toilet water?

  • I was always taught, on the wrists, on the neck on both sides and between the legs :)))

    these are the places that are most open and often smell from them (forgot the word seems to exude aroma)

    my husband makes it easier. on the head on the chest and that's it 🙂

    and I like it better, because I like to lie on his chest

  • Toilet water can be sprayed on both clothing and body. This is my personal opinion and I do it myself.

    But there are rules for using toilet water.

    As Eau de Toilette less saturated than other fragrant liquids, it is applied in large quantities.

    If you want a person to be surprised by your fragrances, apply eau de toilette to the hair, neck (which is closer to his face), as well as on the wrist and bend.

    Spray perfume on the body, not on the clothes. This will give it a richer aroma. And when you take off your clothes, you will smell charming as well. And this is important in some situations.

    Also, experts recommend applying eau de toilette behind the ears, in the décolleté, under the knees.

  • Basically, it is customary to spray eau de toilette on the wrists, behind the ears and on the neck. These areas are open and it is believed that the scent in contact with the body dates a slightly different effect than with clothing. Although you can splash on clothes and on other parts of the body as you wish.

  • If we are only talking about eau de toilette, you can spray into the air and enter this cloud, clothes will smell. On the body of the TV is applied anywhere This concentration does not imply any specific rules due to its low persistence and low oil content. PV (daytime perfume) is applied to the wrists, back of the head and also in a cloud) Perfume - behind the ear, on the neck and wrists. You can also apply scent to the details of the wardrobe - a scarf, fur coat, collar, etc.

    So, look at the concentration of your scent.

  • It is better to sprinkle toilet water on that body from a distance of about 20-30 centimeters. The place where you can apply eau de toilette can be the neck, décolleté, wrist, or lightly on the hair. The main thing is to remember that there should be a little aroma so that a pleasant smell can be heard at close range. Strong and pungent odors are irritating and may even cause headaches.

  • If you are a woman, then on the areas of the skin in the neck, on the hairs, and on the hands, from the inner side, it is in these places that the pulse is better felt, and we get a better result. As for the quantity, it should be such that you do not smell like from a bottle of perfume. The aroma should be light and slightly noticeable.

  • To those places where there is a constant pulsation of blood vessels. Then the smell will spread better. Namely: on the wrists, on the neck. As for the quantity - no more than three clicks. One on the wrist, and rub with the other wrist, one on the right and left on the neck.

  • I spray eau de toilette on the clothes on my chest. I think this is the most efficient way to use it. I don’t splash on my hands, since my hands, by the nature of my profession, often have to be washed with soap above the wrists. All the more, I don't spray it on my neck, since the smell of eau de toilette will constantly "hit in the nose", which is not pleasant. It is convenient to spray on the chest and the smell spreads well, I advise you to use eau de toilette this way. Its consumption from this does not increase significantly.

  • Better on the head - everyone can see and hear it, it even helps to think sometimes. And sometimes it is better to spray under the armpits, when you start flapping your wings, a pleasant aroma will spread. It is good to spray into your mouth, so that you breathe and ask the seller - Do you have such a cologne? - and she will answer you: No. Then, breathing in your face, he will say - But there is one!

  • It is customary to apply perfume with fingertips (do not splash) on the pulse points - the neck, behind the ears, wrists.

    Eau de toilette is less concentrated, so there are no strict rules, however, you should not spray yourself from head to toe - take pity on the noses of people who have to stand nearby. It is better to spray it on your hair and a little on your clothes, so that a light trail of scent curls behind you.

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