Where can I go to have fun with friends in Moscow?

Where can I go to have fun with friends in Moscow?

  • There are a lot of options to choose from. In addition, you need to take into account the time of year.

    1. bowling club, shooting club,
    2. visit the rink (can be in Gorky Park),
    3. different quests
    4. water park in Perovo (for coupons),
    5. ski day or karting day in Krasnogorsk,
    6. Ostankino tower,
    7. Oceanarium, Exotarium at the Center of Rio,
    8. VDNH,
    9. just drive out of town - hike in tents,
    10. in the vicinity there are many estates,
    11. excursion to the New Jerusalem Monastery (if the company is set up for a serious cultural pastime) ....

  • We have a baby for the whole 1,5 of the year so far, so for the time being we don’t really go to thematic places. But then my wife and I love Prague and Czech cuisine very much. Unfortunately, there is no way to go there again, but we discovered for ourselves an amazing place in Moscow PPK-bar on Elektrozavodskaya. It is very cozy there and the beer is brewed right in the Czech Republic. Food is delicious and better place is not better to find that would plunge into the atmosphere of Prague. And the kid there really likes looking around, but most of all he likes the big screen)) looks at him with pleasure))).

  • The best place to stay in Moscow www.hinthuntmoscow.ru!))) Is a new attraction in Moscow! The main goal is to leave the room))) You are waiting for an adventure with a huge number of puzzles and puzzles! I have never seen such a thing) I advise everyone who is tired of everyday recreation, cinema, parks, bowling, etc.

  • Moscow has a very large number of various and interesting places, and there are also enough places for entertainment. It all depends on how you are used to spending time, for example, perhaps you like to go to the cinema, or billiards, or to various cafes, and maybe visit some kind of entertainment or just walk the streets of Moscow ... In general, I can advise you to go to website 2do2go.ru and choose an event for yourself.

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