Youth sweatshirt. What is the name of?

Youth sweatshirt. What is the name of?

  • I admit that the word necessary to answer is not very familiar to me.

    It will be HOODY. The current youth does not like to dress elegantly and sophistically, she prefers convenience, so HOODI does not go out of use.

  • Perhaps the question refers to the sweatshirt with a hood and large patch pockets in front, which is precisely its distinguishing features.

    In this case, we are talking about a hoodie - a cotton sweatshirt like a sweatshirt, very popular among young people. The name of the sweatshirt is derived from the word "hood", and for the first time this type of clothing appeared in the 30s of the 20th century. Both girls and boys can wear them, because the cut is free. Learn more about the hoodie and its features here.

    HOODIE is the right answer to this question.

  • Now all young people appreciate comfortable clothes and therefore choose sweatshirts for themselves (both boys and girls). The youth sweatshirt is called - H U D I. This is the correct answer to your question.

  • Recently, young people liked the new sweatshirt, which quickly gained its popularity. She has a name Hoody. Exactly, now in the cool time of the year wears both ordinary young people and celebrities.

  • This youth hoodie is called Hoody, from the English word hood hood. Popular since the end of the 70 of the twentieth century. In Western countries, all kinds of criminal elements often walk in these sweatshirts, since the hood hides the outlines of their faces and is difficult to identify by surveillance cameras.

  • I have never heard this name before, but it turns out that sweatshirts have a second name.

    And the name "sweatshirt", in my opinion, is not very popular, here the name "paya" is somehow more on the ear.

    The sweatshirt is also called HU D I.

    A bit strange for the Russian-speaking, "fat" - "thin" - a couple of antonyms :).

  • When you answer questions from various quizzes and crossword puzzles, then very often there are similar ones, this one refers to such. Actually, thanks to the question, I found out for the first time that the youth sweatshirt with a hood has a name- Hoodie, very comfortable clothes for both girls and young people.

  • Since it is asked about the youth sweatshirt, and they are distinguished by their cut. They have large patch pockets on the front and a hood. Such hoodies are called hoody, for the first time such models appeared in New York.

    X y d i - the correct answer.

  • I never knew that hoodies with a standing hood, popular in a certain youth environment, are called HUDI. However, this is indeed the case and this type of clothing appeared in New York at the end of the 70s of the last century, as the cult apparel of adherents of the newly born hip-hop.

  • For those who are at least somewhat interested in clothing, this question will not seem difficult, because the names of the main types of clothing, which include a sweatshirt, are widely known. Most often, a sweatshirt is made of cotton knitted fabric, a distinctive feature of the model is the presence of a hood. The second name of the sweatshirt is "Hoodie".

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