Can I turn on the phone on the plane?

Can I turn on the phone on the plane?

  • During take-off and landing, as well as in special cases, which are usually warned, it is necessary to turn off all the interactive functions of the phone, as they may interfere with navigation. Then you can turn on. As far as I understand, in some planes there is even WF. But there are also carriers that recommend disconnecting any electronic devices during the flight. I think this is due to the age of the navigation systems of each particular aircraft.

    The company's policy on this issue can be found on their website.

  • The phone has an "on the plane" mode, it was invented for this very purpose. You must turn off your phone when the aircraft takes off and lands. This is due to the fact that there is an influence of one electronics on another. Remember, this is necessary for compliance with security measures.

  • Each airline has its own rules on passenger use of mobile phones, informs passengers about this before take-off. If the flight attendants simply turn off or transfer your telephone to airplane mode, then you need to do this, otherwise you may be removed from the flight.

    US and European airlines have allowed the use of electronic devices on board aircraft offline.

    It used to be that the operation of a mobile device could interfere with the aircraft. But recent studies prove that modern aircraft operate at different frequencies.

    I recently flew and forgot to turn off the phone, and even in the polt mode was not included. Nobody checked anything. And next door the neighbors played on the tablet.

  • Aeroflot introduced a new rule on this account from July 1.

    Now mobile devices do not have to be completely turned off in an airplane, but all wireless modules (wi-fi, bluetooth, and of course cellular communication) must be turned off. It is recommended to turn on the "airplane" mode.

    Only it is not clear who will control this.

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