A friend washed only with water without soap. The face is perfect. Is water useful?

A friend washed only with water without soap. The face is perfect. Is water useful?

  • No soap is suitable for any skin type. It destroys the acid-base balance, because the pH-factor of any soap is almost twice (and in the case of laundry soap not intended for body hygiene, not "almost", but much) higher than the pH-factor of healthy skin.

    Constantly washing your face with soap is a sure way to ruin your skin. What about "before"? Previously, it did not mean anything about the pH factor, by the age of 40 all women were considered old women, and soap was quite expensive, so they rarely and carefully used it - that's all "before."

    Since practically any soap contains perfume fragrances, and they are able to irritate the skin and cause an allergic reaction, the rejection of soap at first can be affected by a fabulous improvement in its state. Well, yes, they stopped tearing the skin and tearing it, so she rejoiced, came to herself and freshened.

    And then comes problem 2 - how to cleanse the skin of its natural waste secretions, dust, dirt that is in the air, and at the same time from the remains of cosmetics? If just water solved this problem, then you could wash your hands with water alone. Special beneficial bacteria live on the skin, which feed on sebaceous secretions and pick up various rubbish - this is great, but there is no need to hope that the good bacteria will eat everything, otherwise it would be possible to never wash at all.

    I do not want to say that your friend is lying, I want to say that she does not pay attention to some moments of her life. She washes her hair with shampoo once or twice a week (or even more often), doesn't she? One way or another, shampoo or shower gel gets on the skin of the face and removes it from something that just water cannot do, but your friend does not pay attention to this "trifle". And it should be, because without this "little thing" she would have regretted it long ago, does not cleanse the skin properly. This does not mean that you can rarely wash your face, it means that in the absence of obvious skin problems, this is enough so that they do not appear right now.

  • I think it's in the soap and in the types of your skin.

    For example, with dry skin, you can not use soap, for this purpose special creams are suitable.

    Also it is worth remembering that not every soap is suitable for face.

    Or maybe it's about the temperature of the water. It is necessary to wash in soft water, if it is hard, then you need to soften it, and you can also boil it with water. Alternate cold with hot you can with oily skin.

    (I used to wash myself with soap too, I always had pimples, black dots, for an experiment, I tried it without it, and so it's about half a year already.) Not that the skin has become perfect, but has improved noticeably.)

  • I wash my hands with soap almost always. But I wash myself without soap. I wash my face only by taking a bath or shower. I will answer with the example of cats.

    "Nature has created skin protection for millions of years, and washing it with soap instantly removes this protection" Conclusion - do not abuse soap when caring for your face. Cosmetics are also not conducive to skin health.

    But simple water, (I'm not talking about water) does not kill skin protection and is useful for the face.

  • I would not say that it is useful. Most often the water is very hard, the face after it is peeling and you have to spend money on the cream. It is better to use special soap supplements. And the purity and goodness of the water on the quality of the skin does not affect.

  • When I lived in the city, I did not try to wash myself with water, as my skin was tied up with water (chlorinated water). I bought cosmetic milk for washing and rubbed their skin with it. Once a week, I still washed my face with soap and soap, but took soap with a cream base, such as Daph.

  • Obviously your girlfriend has very good skin without any problems.

    And her skin is perfect not from water, but from nature.

    But dirt and toxins, atmospheric pollution can be washed off with water?

    Of course with soap joke is not worth it, it dries the face wildly, can cause redness and burns.

    But some kind of sparing foam can be used, at least sometimes.

    At least not to rub the cream in the untreated face.

    After all, hands after the street you wash with soap, but what did your face do?

    On it, too, the dust, the mud is deposited.

    I dare to suggest that your girlfriend is very young.

    But she must understand that gradually, with age,

    Pores will become dirty, even on perfect skin.

    The skin from impurity will become gray, dull, it will grow old before time.

    It is inevitable.

    Unless of course living in the mountains with crystal clear air.

  • One friend of mine all her adult life - more than 50 years - washes only with water, no soap! Moreover, she does not use creams, makes masks 1-2 times a year, and her skin is smooth, without wrinkles and other things.

    Apparently, everything depends solely on the skin itself, genetic predisposition, immune factors and nutrition. Any internal problems of the body immediately reflected on the skin, if there is a problem with the intestines, the liver, then the skin also suffers.

    Soap is not the best way to cleanse your face, even a single daily use of it can lead to peeling, increased dryness, it is better to wash your face with infusions of bactericidal herbs - chamomile, calendula.

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