Will my computer draw modern games, the characteristics inside?

Will my computer draw modern games, the characteristics inside?

  • Do not listen to clever guys who say that there is no point in playing at low tinctures and you will not feel the full depth of colors, while it is advised to buy a console for 30 thousand where everything is supposedly played on ultra at 60fps)

    It is clear to any adequate person who knows at least a little about computers that the hardware in PS4 is outdated even before it was released) Therefore, the developers cut the resolution + textures so that the console can pull fresh games at least at 30fps, even with sagging, a bright but not the only example of Assassins Creed Unity - FullHD does not smell there, the resolution is cut to 900p) Plus, look at how much the disks cost on the console now, here it is the real 4K gaming)

    In addition, the devil is not so scary as everyone draws it) I mean, on your hardware, GTA 5 will easily go to low-mid at 1080p. Yes, the processor is certainly not great, but let's not forget that this game was also created for the PS3! For the console that came out in 2006! By the way, the graphics in GTA 5 on PC even at the lowest settings will be prettier than on PS3, plus 3p resolution on PS720. And in order not to be a balabol, I attach a video with proof.

  • intel core i3 is morally old, and its power is not enough for community even Far Cry 4, tested in practice

    to play GTA 5, you need a system unit for at least 200000 rubles, this is not just to play, but to PLAY AND ENJOY by turning the settings to the maximum.

    since I work in a laptop repair service center, I haven't counted with my colleagues for a long time, and picked up parts for such a systemist to play GTA 5 (it turned out 240000 rubles, the client was with money, not a bum, he bought it)

    it's easier for you to buy a set-top box, only 30000 rubles

    a decent sistemnik, not a top-end one, will cost about 45-50 thousand, with the possibility of an upgrade. (everything will go on this, current at reduced settings)

    laptop, top-end, where everything will fly, IN THE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE FACTORY TO ORDER like mine - this is 178000 rubles

    onboard core i7, 32GB of RAM, 2 pieces of SSD samsung 128gd in RAID system, hdd for 1tb,

    two handsome vidyahi in the slay geforce gtx 980.

    save money for a spaceship, and forward ... to the stars

    Will my computer draw modern games, the characteristics inside?

    I don't play GTA 5 on it, I only play WorldOfTanks, and I work in 3Dmax, pulls everything in years

  • It will, of course, if you do not get impudent with the settings, of course you will not be able to enjoy the maximum effects, but you can try to play it.

    The main thing then is to buy additional memory and it is desirable to take the processor i5 - then the FPS will noticeably increase.

  • I'm not sure about GTA 5, there is 8 GB of RAM - well, I think it's worth a try, Far Cry 4 will go 100%

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