Show "Best of All". Who became the best child in the country? Who has won?

Show "Best of All". Who became the best child in the country? Who has won?

  • As I understand it, four-year-old Eva Smirnova from Moscow became the best child in the country, because it was she who congratulated everyone on the New Year throughout the country and said her famous - "Hugs".

    Eva Smirnova was in the second edition of the show and there she said that she wanted to be an announcer on television, in general, she is good at speaking and that she became the best is the choice of viewers.

    Here is a touching New Year's appeal:

  • The show "Best of All" was won by a very charming and talented little girl named Eva Smirnova.

    This girl is only four years old, but she already knows who she wants to be in this life. This participant according to the opinion of the audience has become the best.

    Little Eva Smirnova’s new year’s address was so touching that I even burst into tears. Undoubtedly this girl is waiting for a great future.

    Show "Best of All". Who became the best child in the country? Who has won?

  • So like not yet named the winner, there is only a triple

  • Show "Best of All". Who became the best child in the country? Who has won?

    Such information appeared on December 31, 2016 on the page of the show in VKontakte and we can conclude that Elena Smirnova won this wonderful show.

    The girl is really charming, but some viewers are outraged that they have chosen just a charming child, and there were very smart children in the show.

  • The best child of the country became a charming girl - Eva Smirnova.

    4 is a little girl, she is from Moscow. Winner show "Best of all" should have made a speech on New Year's Eve. Eva Smirnova congratulated Happy New Year to the whole country, which means she won this show. Millions of viewers were delighted.

    Show "Best of All". Who became the best child in the country? Who has won?

  • In one of Galkin's speeches, it was said that, unlike other show talents, there is a moment of communication with him, the presenter. And that the winners and competitions in the show will not be the best. Simply, at the end of each program, gifted children receive a corporate medal of the program and souvenirs. There will be just the preferences and sympathies of the audience. And it is right. Children are all so talented and sweet that it is difficult to judge them. And the fact that Eva Smirnova addressed the audience with congratulations on New Year's Eve does not mean that she is the best and most talented. As a "future TV announcer" she, childishly, directly congratulated everyone on the New Year, and she did it well. It's just that most viewers preferred her not at all for her outstanding abilities, but for her charm. There are children more worthy of this title. But so far this has not been announced. And Eva Smirnova just did not enter the top three.

  • The winner in the next stage of the famous show was Eva Smirnova, a charismatic, pretty girl from Moscow who loves to dance. Little Eve was always accompanied by her mother (who is also her hairdresser in combination) and a choreographer who will definitely have no problems in her career now.

    Also, as the winner, Eva made a New Year's address to the Russians.

    Show "Best of All". Who became the best child in the country? Who has won?

  • Eva Smirnova congratulated the viewers from the screens, as Maxim Galkin promised that the winner of the "Best of All" show would wish everyone a Happy New Year. The viewer had to vote to determine the best on the show's website. But the finalists were different.

  • Mo's opinion is the same as that of the author of the question. The four-year-old Muscovite Eva Smirnova somehow became the winner without any pomp. She did not conquer only the deaf with her answers, she is now a TV presenter, but she dreams of becoming a police force, and even then hold on to the bandits. will put in a crate! And it will not seem a little, and will be rendered according to merit.

    And most importantly, Eva modestly stated that she is not the best, but this mother is the best! Indeed, raising such a child is a very good mother. The child in 4 can safely speak a lot about a clear language, but from her four-year position.

    Charming and only.

  • Muscovite Eva Smirnova won the show "Best of all" on Channel One. To be honest, somehow there was a feeling at once that this charming four-year-old child would be the best ... It seems that the girl has no special talents, but this grandiose charm left no one indifferent, and the audience made their choice. I would like to hope that this first big victory will be the beginning of a great creative path.

    Show "Best of All". Who became the best child in the country? Who has won?

  • E name is already known to all, as this baby, congratulated the whole country with the New Year.

    This is Eva Smirnova, it was she who became Best of all, thanks to the vote of the audience.

    Very charming little girl who has conquered many.

    Eva Smirnova is the best

    The girl is really worthy of victory.

    I saw her New Year's greetings, she is just a Miracle).

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