Types and branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and their purpose

It is useful for every citizen to know what types and branches of the armed forces of the Russian Federation exist. It will not be superfluous to imagine what their purpose is. This is necessary at least in order not to get into a mess by wrongly naming them in a conversation.

What is the division of the armed forces?

They were formed depending on where the fighting takes place: at sea or on land, in the sky or in space. In this regard, the types of troops of the Russian Federation are distinguished. The list is as follows: ground and air forces, strategic missile forces and the navy. Each of them is a complex structure formed from special types of troops that have different purposes. All these types of troops differ in the type of weapons. The training of servicemen in each of them has its own specifics.

types and branches of the armed forces of the Russian Federation

First type: ground forces

It constitutes the base of the army and is the most numerous. Its purpose is to conduct combat operations on land, hence the name. No other types of Russian troops can compare with this, since it is distinguished by its versatile composition. It is distinguished by the great power of the blow delivered. Ground - these are the types of troops of the Russian Federation (photo is presented in the article), which have excellent maneuverability and independence. In addition, they can act both separately and in conjunction with others. Their purpose is to repel an enemy invasion, gain a foothold in positions, and advance on enemy formations.

Today, the following types of ground forces of the Russian Federation are distinguished:

  • mobile motorized rifle, tank and lightning missile troops, artillery and air defense, military command and control bodies;
  • special forces, such as reconnaissance and communications, technical support and engineering units, protection units against radiation, chemical and biological attacks, and rear services.

types of troops of the Russian Federation

What are motorized rifle and tank troops intended for?

These are the types of troops of the Russian Federation that can perform different combat missions. From breaking through the enemy's defenses and offensive to long-term and firm consolidation on the captured lines. A special place in these matters is allocated to tanks. Since their actions in the main areas of defense and offensive are characterized by maneuverability and speed of goal achievement.

Motorized rifle subunits differ in that they can operate both independently and with the support of other RF Armed Forces. The types of troops that are now being considered are capable of withstanding weapons with any degree of destruction, up to nuclear attacks.

But that's not all. The considered types and branches of the armed forces of the Russian Federation are equipped with weapons capable of inflicting significant damage to the enemy. For example, motorized rifle troops have at their disposal automatic guns, artillery and anti-aircraft systems. They have combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers that allow them to move into the thick of the battle.

kind and types of troops of the Russian Federation

What are the missile and air defense forces intended for?

The former exist in order to carry out nuclear and fire strikes against enemy positions. With the help of missiles and artillery, you can hit the enemy in a combined arms battle, as well as inflict damage in corps and front-line operations.

An important role in these matters is played by artillery, which is widely represented in anti-tank units, using mortars, cannons and howitzers.

The branches and types of troops of the Russian Federation associated with air defense bear the main burden in the matter of destroying the enemy in the air. The purpose of these units is to shoot down enemy aircraft and drones. Their structure includes units that use anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft artillery. Not the last place is occupied by radio engineering units, which provide proper communication. Air Defense Forces perform an important function of protecting ground forces from possible enemy air attacks. This is expressed in the fight against enemy troops on the route and at the time of their landing. And before that, they are obliged to conduct reconnaissance by radar in order to timely notify of a possible attack.

Russian armed forces types of troops

Role of the Airborne Forces and Engineering Troops

A special place is given to the airborne troops. They combine all the best that the previously mentioned types of the RF Armed Forces can give. The branches of the Airborne Forces are equipped with artillery and anti-aircraft missiles. At their disposal are airborne combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Moreover, a special technique has been created that allows you to drop a variety of cargoes with the help of parachutes in any weather on any terrain. In this case, the time of day and the flight altitude of the aircraft do not play a role.

The tasks of the Airborne Forces are most often actions behind enemy lines aimed at disrupting his balance. With their help, the destruction of the enemy's nuclear weapons takes place, the seizure of strategically important points and objects, as well as control bodies. They carry out tasks to imbalance the work of the enemy's rear.

Engineering - these are the types and types of troops of the Russian Federation that carry out reconnaissance of the area. Their tasks include the construction of barriers, and, if necessary, their destruction. They carry out demining of territories, prepare the terrain for maneuvers. Establish crossings, with the help of which water obstacles are overcome. The engineering troops set up water supply points.

types of the Russian Federation armed forces

Second type: Navy

These types and branches of the armed forces of the Russian Federation are designed to conduct combat operations and protect the country's territorial interests on the water surface. The navy also has the ability to deliver nuclear strikes against strategically important enemy targets. Its tasks also include the destruction of enemy forces on the high seas and on coastal bases. The Navy is designed to disrupt enemy communications in wartime and protect its shipments. The fleet is capable of providing serious support to ground forces during joint operations.

The Russian Navy today includes the following fleets: Northern, Baltic, Black Sea, Pacific and Caspian. Each of them includes the following types of troops: submarine and surface forces, naval aviation and infantry, coastal missile and artillery units and service and material support units.

The purpose of each branch of the Navy

Those located on land are designed to defend the coast and objects located on the coast and are of great importance. And without timely and full-fledged maintenance, the naval bases will not be able to exist for a long time.

Surface forces are formed from ships and boats, which have a different focus from missile and anti-submarine to torpedo and landing. Their purpose is to search for and defeat enemy submarines and ships. With their help, amphibious assault landing is carried out, as well as the detection and disposal of sea mines.

Units with submarines, in addition to detecting enemy submarines, hit enemy ground targets. Moreover, they can act both independently and in conjunction with other troops of the Russian Federation.

The aviation of the navy consists of vehicles that can perform a missile-carrying or anti-submarine function. In addition, aviation performs reconnaissance missions. Aircraft of the naval forces are used to destroy the enemy surface fleet both in the vastness of the ocean and at bases. It is also of considerable importance for covering the Russian fleet during military operations.

types of troops of the russian federation

Third type: Air Force

These are the most mobile and maneuverable types and branches of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Their main task is to ensure the security and protection of the country's territorial interests in the air. In addition, they are designed to protect the administrative, industrial and economic centers of Russia. Their purpose is to protect other troops and ensure the success of operations. With their help, aerial reconnaissance, landing and routing of enemy positions is carried out.

The Air Force is armed with combat and combat training aircraft, helicopters, transport and special equipment. In addition, they have at their disposal anti-aircraft guns and special military equipment.

There are such types of aviation: long-range and versatile front-line, transport and army. In addition to them, there are two more types of anti-aircraft troops: anti-aircraft and radio-technical.

types of troops of the Russian Federation list

What is the purpose of each of the branches of the Air Force?

The purpose of the military transport aviation is to deliver cargo and troops to the landing site. Moreover, food with medicines and military equipment can act as a cargo.

Long-range aviation is the main striking force of the Air Force. Since it is capable of hitting any targets with great efficiency.

Front-line aviation is divided into bomber and assault, reconnaissance and fighter aviation. The first two provide air support for the ground forces during any combat operations - from defense to attack. The third type of aviation carries out reconnaissance that meets the interests of Russia. The latter exists to destroy enemy aircraft in the air.

The fourth type: strategic missile forces

Formed specifically to conduct operations in a nuclear war. They have at their disposal automated missile systems that are highly accurate. And this is despite the enormous flight range possible between the two continents. Today, the branches and types of troops of the Russian Federation are very mobile and complementary. And some of them are changing. For example, the rocket and space forces are formed from the missile forces. They became the basis for a new type of troops - space.

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