Will there be a Transformers 5 movie? Or are they rumors?

Will Transformers 5 come out? Or are they rumors?

  • Today I went with my child to Transformers 4 to the cinema. I liked the film very much, all the time sitting in suspense, thinking what would happen next. The premiere of the film was still 26 numbers, but even today there was a full hall. So the film is clearly in demand.

    After watching the fourth part, it became absolutely clear to me that to be continued. This was evident from events at the very end of the film, when Optimus flew into space, there is clearly no end to the story. So we are waiting for the fifth part.

  • Transformers -5 are not rumors, these are facts. 23 June 2016 year, all fans of robots will be able to watch in theaters the continuation of the popular action. Currently, the installation of this film is being completed, a lot of work has been done before that, and it was ahead of schedule, so the film will be released in 2016 and not in 2017, as in 2017 there are a lot of films that can compete with Transformers -5. Therefore, the creators of the film decided not to play jokes with fire, but to quickly finish the film, so as not to remain in the span of a movie rental. I think the film was a success.

  • The premiere of the fourth part of the fantastic film "Trasformers" co-produced by the USA and China took place on June 26, 2014. You can already watch it in cinemas. So the release of the fifth part becomes more and more real. Let me remind you that the fourth part starred - Mark Wahlberg, Sanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz and other actors.

    Will Transformers 5 come out? Or are they rumors?

  • I know that the fifth part of the Transformers will be released in 2016, the actor Mark Wahlberg will play the main role again, the script will be Akiva Goldsman, and the director Michael Bay, they say that in the fifth part there will be two storylines, one will focus on the hero Wahlberg who will continue with some autobots and dinobots protect the Earth from alien invaders, and the second tells the story of the quest of the Quintesson race, which created the transformers. The search for the creators will be done by Optimus Prime.

  • Transformers - 5 will be released (according to preliminary forecasts of analysts) in 2017, but it is not worth expecting that this will be the continuation of the first three films.

    Having watched the 4-th film, we can understand that the fifth will be similar to 4-th, and it is no longer a continuation of the first three.

    Firstly, the main characters have been changed, and secondly, there is no storyline - only special effects and music against the background of these special effects. In short - nonsense.

  • 4 part sucks there is no Linkin parka! Bullshit transformers without links are not transformers!

  • In 2014, as it was expected earlier, the fifth part of "Transformers" will not be. For some reason, the shooting of this film was canceled, or maybe they were not going to do this at all, in the sense of filming.

    But now there is information on the network that the fifth part will be released, but it will not be very soon - in 2016, in the summer. In general, wait another two years.

  • Bye topic "Transformers 5" still only at the level of rumors. Whether the fifth part will remain a rumor or will still be released on the screens - it is not yet known. At the end of June 2014 it will be possible to see "Transformers 4". Based on the success of the picture, we can talk about the fifth part

  • If you believe the official data, then most likely a fifth of the already well-known "Transformers" will still receive the green light, but not before 2017. I hope that it will be much more elegant and spectacular than the fourth film, which completely lacks any meaning and endowed only with star names and a picture with special effects.

  • It became known that the film Transformers 4 will be released in June 2014 year. But about the fifth part, it’s definitely rumors. If the movie Transformers 4 at the box office earns more than the third part, then it is possible that they will continue this film.

    There are many fans and the people will demand continuation.

    After the release of Transformers 4, everything will be known whether there will be an 5 part or not.

    Will Transformers 5 come out? Or are they rumors?

  • I also heard that there will be an 5 part of this film. I think these are just rumors. As soon as the ratings of 4 part of the Transformers are known, then we can talk about the continuation of this film.

  • Yes, a fifth of the Transformers will come out.

    But this will not happen so soon, not earlier than 2017 of the year, and it turns out that the fifth part will be removed about 2,5 of years.

    This part will be a continuation of the previous part - 4.

    But not the first three.

  • Transformers 5 (Transformers 5) - the expected sequel to the American-made action movie from the creator of Michael Bay, the prototype of which is the Hasbro series of toys. According to the plot, the main characters of the film are two types of alien robots, the Autobots and the Decepticons. Humanity can suffer because of the confrontation between them.

    Rumors about working on the fifth part of the film appeared during the presentation of Hasbro. The creators said that the continuation of the picture depends on the success of the fourth part of Transformers: The era of extermination. Later, Michael Bay officially confirmed the release of the fifth and sixth parts of the film without disclosing details. The director planned to leave his post several times. However, thanks to high fees, he continued to participate in the franchise. According to the latest information, the premiere of the film will be held on June 24 2016 of the year.

  • In 2013, the Paramount Pictures film studio plans to shoot the fifth and sixth parts of this film series became known.

    Paramount Pictures top manager Rob Moore said in an interview that the studio would like to film the 5th and 6th parts of Transformers. He also added that they were able to convince Michael Bay, who had previously said that the third Transformers would be his last film in the franchise.

    They provided him with new horizons for creativity and a great opportunity to shoot in places where Hollywood films with a completely new cast have never been shot before, including from Asian countries.

    As for the Chinese actors, Rob Moore said that their participation will increase the popularity of the Transformers franchise for the Asian region. Asian actors got a chance to work at T4 with Hollywood veterans such as Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci.

    T4 will depend on the gross success of how soon work begins on the fifth movie.

    On June 19, 2014, Paramount Pictures confirmed that it will release its fifth film in 2016

    Release date Transformers 5 summer 2016 year.

  • In general, I was at the 4 transformers exhibition where bl told everyone you weren't talking nonsense here.

    An approximate picture with the release of 5 part of 2017 year already hung on speed art. Michael Bay said at the exhibition that (I’ll say stupidly, otherwise some people don’t understand) there will be 5 and 6 chat. All three parts will be connected between saba ie 4 5 and 6 they are like one movie. What remind us of this? Recall the first three parts. Remembered? Now remember the first part of the transformers and 4 does not seem to narrow too much (the ending) in the sixth part we will be immediately surprised by 9 villains. One of them will be an inbreeze. As Michael Bay said the plot, the characters can change everything that was said at the exhibition can change. P, S 5-6 part provided

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