I killed a man ... What should I do: go surrender to the authorities or flee?

I killed a man ... What should I do: go to surrender to the authorities or run away?

  • the best thing to do in the event of escape is that you will be tormented by your conscience and if you are caught you will be given a long time and in case of sincere confession you will be given less time

  • Understand the intentional murder. If you (hypothetically you, of course) decided to kill a fly on a friend's head, and his forehead accidentally cracked, then this is not a murder, but an accident (or excess of authority, since you are not professional fly-catchers).

    Going to an intentional murder, the murderer already knows whether he will surrender or flee. And only randomness can hinder this plan (for example, shock from blood seen). Surrendering, the killer gets several advantages:

    1.Reduced in jail.

    2. There is no reason to wander through the forests-thickets-marshes.

    3. A certain liberation of the soul from sin - after all, a person consciously goes to punishment.

    Running off, the killer also gets several preferences:

    1. The ability to completely avoid prison.

    2.Full physical and psychological victory over the victim.

    Thus, if a murderer performs a murder in order to prove his advantage to the world, then he must escape. He will run away, of course. If he commits with the help of murder some kind of righteous retribution, but he needs to surrender. Otherwise, his soul will surrender him.

  • I will tell you in confidence that not one person will write here and ask you what to do when he kills a person consciously or accidentally believe a lot of such people are not just seen and no one will have such a thought, but here you just see a person gaining glasses PR

  • It's cool, well, you caught up with the wave here :))) I didn't think that we have so many kind people ...

    I understood the question exactly from the psychological test that is now being carried out on the lie detector when entering the service in one of our power structures or during service.

    It sounds really not so concretized: “You committed a crime, what will you do?” Something like that. It would be interesting to see the reaction of the respondents to this particular formulation of the question, although such excitement, most likely, would not have happened ...

    The last time I went through this procedure was 2 years ago, and I firmly replied that I would surrender at the mercy of the authorities, but I have, excuse me, years of professional training ... and my own principles in relation to the law have developed. in his youth, as if something had skipped inside, even though the situation is presumed.

    But the question: "Your friend has committed a crime, what will you do?", In my opinion, more perplexing ...

  • On the jelly itself, it makes no difference. If you run away, no one will look for you, unless those who want to avenge the murder. And come and confess, they will give you a couple of months in a colony settlement, rest there, and be released with a clear conscience. A man killed a whore, hid the gangplank, gave 7 months, knocked down on the road - conditional, stole 5 million - released under an amnesty in the courtroom. So, in order to sit down - you have to try.

  • The reason for the murder makes a huge difference in deciding whether what to do next. After all, if, say, it was the necessary self-defense, then you need to immediately surrender, and if it was a carefully planned murder, then everything depends on the conscience of the killer.

    It seems to me that in any case you have to give up. You can not trust and law enforcement agencies, but in any case, hide for a long time will not succeed. Anyway, sooner or later they will find it, and it will be very difficult to live in constant fear. Therefore, it will be more correct to surrender, and assistance to the investigators in solving the case will play a role in mitigating the sentence.

  • First of all, you need to repent before God, because you killed His child and your own kind brother. Next, you definitely need to go to the police, otherwise you may develop problems with health and psyche, or from impunity, which could lead to some kind of crime, and maybe loosen the entire nervous system, wait when handcuffs are put on you is a very busy life, nightmares in which you are constantly running away, always being tense, believe that it is better to sit and go out with a clear conscience than to live in such a nightmare, and in prison, too, normal people, just also stumbled in life.

  • Of course, the best option is to surrender to the authorities at the mercy, because your attendance will be taken into account when passing a sentence, it is also better to give a frank confession, it will also play its role in your future fate. And you will not be able to run for a long time anyway, they will also look for you there, and walk all your life and look around, this is also not life, but torment. Plus, the psychological side, you will suffer mentally.

  • Shoot yourself if you allowed yourself to kill a person. And if you ask the question: "What to do?", Then you are playing to the audience: "Look, how original I am!"

    And you have not killed anyone, such hollow-witts like you love to shock the public.

    Those who really kill, hide, understand that murder is not acceptable for humane humanity. Only nonhumans boast, and they do not go to BV. And if thoughts come to mind to destroy other people, then - to the psychiatric hospital on their own.

    If the question is in order to disrupt loans for BV, then, to paraphrase the classic, the phrase "there is no limit to human insignificance" is really asking.

  • It must be done the way it is best for everyone. If you feel with all your soul and know that you did the right thing in vsm and killed a person not because you were an animal, but it happened unintentionally or you were defending, then you need to look at the circumstances. Is it possible to prove your guilt? Can you live with this wine all your life with dignity? Who do you do badly or well if you go to jail? But, if you killed a person intentionally, cruelly and easily, then your place in prison can be sure of that.

  • Depending on what state you were in and what prompted you to commit this terrible act. You can run away, but you will never run away from yourself. In any case, it is necessary to surrender to the authorities, and there, I hope, they will figure it out.

  • No matter what and why? No, that's what's important. There are two ships. The court of law and the court of conscience. And the verdict is very often different. The rapist broke the life of your child. According to the law, he can serve four years, or maybe conditionally receive. Further it is clear to the society and the law. But he broke the whole life of a child. And I do not consider his murder a crime. Understand your conscience, and then decide. Advice here can not be given. Too question is not specific.

  • All fuck you or not, the main thing is to be the winner in the end. So decide for yourself. Although I would have continued this hobby and did not look either at my conscience or at the advice of others.

  • Repent before God first of all. You now have a black stain on your heart, it will expand until you make amends for your good deeds. True heartfelt repentance will ease your pain. You will see and feel free

  • In human nature, there are animal habits, but the brain of homo sapiens is different from the beast. To kill is to take the life of another. Everything would be fine - just think, one person has become less, in fact, there are billions of people, they are multiplying and they are becoming more and more. But, then the brain of a reasonable person turns on. By murder, he took the life of someone who, perhaps, is very loved and expected, and perhaps idolized. It is also possible that the whole family and the whole house rested on the killed. And many people will experience grief and hardship. If we speak from the point of view of public morality, then you need to immediately repent of what you have done and be punished. If we talk from the point of view of man, as a unit of the animal world, then nothing special has happened. Practically speaking, who will feel better if the killer goes to jail? Punishment will not return life to the murdered person. Everything is very difficult. And it is better, of course, not to kill anyone, so as not to suffer later. Society asserts one thing, the instinct of self-preservation is another, the law is a third, relatives are the fourth, and so on - ad infinitum.

  • Of course, to give up, because in films they always do that. And in literary selections, too, there are always killers there, if they don’t come.

    Have you ever wondered why more than 300 people go missing in Russia every day. It can be safely said that more than half of them are no longer alive. And according to the good old legal tradition, "no body - no action."

    In connection with this question, one old case comes to mind. 15 years ago it was back. Someone else killed one poacher. Packed and drowned in the fairway. Three days came to surrender. So they say so. Guilty, killed, he first attacked, the forces did not calculate, he choked. They were frightened, but then they realized and came to surrender. Repent, drowned near the green beacon, we will show the place wholeheartedly. The case started, called divers. They are looking for a day, looking for another. Looking for a week. Nope Ubitsy there are two. And there is no dead. There are missing. What did you want, flow, depth. Visibility at the bottom is less than a meter. Even tried to trawl. Found a pair of wheels from the railway car (the nearest bridge is about fifty kilometers away), a bunch of rubbish. And there is no corpse. Three months later they were released, a year later the case was closed due to the absence of corpus delicti.

    Why did I tell all this? And the fact that any other answer besides the need to go to surrender is a criminal offense under Article 316 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and others, depending on the details. So it contradicts p. 9.13 of the rules of this resource prohibiting to promote any illegal activity.

  • You can't run away from yourself. Again, running away from the authorities all your life is not the case. In addition, everything secret becomes apparent. You need to go and surrender: a frank confession can serve as a basis for a mitigation of the sentence.

  • First you need to repent and go to the police, but if you try to hide the corpse and think it will not be found, you are mistaken - the Secret always becomes apparent. So you better go to the police and write a frank confession, but before that you need to understand why you killed him or it was self-defense or in a state of passion you killed him.

  • Run of course, hide. This then you can repent, regret what happened, but first you need to escape. But surrender, facilitate the work of the policemen who impatiently punish you, make fun of you, torment you? Well, this is some sort of slavish need for justice.

  • Well, first you need to figure out why the murder happened. What was the motive of the crime. I think that if a crime is perfectly in a state of effect or for self-defense, then of course you should immediately contact the police, you may not even be convicted. But if you deliberately committed a murder, then think for yourself what is more important for you, stay free and be wanted or even confess your guilt and get the minimum punishment. Of course it is difficult to give advice in such a situation, but still if you want to live in peace in the future, then contact the police station.

  • You won't be able to hide for a long time anyway, but in general you won't run away from yourself, no matter how long you run, you need to learn to take responsibility for your actions ... You can, of course, hide for a while, avoid punishment, but to mine this is no longer life, but what kind of dashes something from place to place, such a life is clearly not full-fledged ... And of course, if the one who killed it has at least a little conscience, then it will not let you live in peace, you have to pay for everything, nothing just passes without a trace , and taking the life of another person is certainly not a trifle, so you need to give up and be responsible for your actions.

  • I really hope that the question was asked just like that, out of an inquisitive mind. But seriously, I think that there is not a single reason for killing a person, because this is a person's life - the most important and expensive thing on earth, but the punishment for killing can only be death (no indulgences and discounts, except in cases of self-defense).

  • This is just a matter of conscience and courage. I think a decent person would go and give up with all the giblets, after sending letters of apology to the relatives of the deceased. Moreover, running to a foreign country does not mean hiding and avoiding responsibility. Most likely you will be found and then the punishment will be cruel. And so, at least you get less time.

  • More recently, in my brother's house, an eighty-year-old woman who lived and did not interfere with anyone. She rented the room to the man who killed her, he also poked his eyes out to the cat when I found out about it, I just had such an idea that I I want to kill him, and now imagine the relatives of the one you killed, that man was never found, if I saw him, I don’t know what I would have done. So come and accept your punishment.

  • The question is certainly interesting. What you will do is of course your own business, circumstances or your conscience. If this happened to me (God forbid, of course), I would rather go to the police and confess sincerely. Then live, it will be much harder every day, and you will be tormented by nightmares at night. I think it is better to go and confess, and there already will be, there will be.

  • I heard that in Germany a criminal who escaped from prison is caught and returned to jail, but no additional punishment for the escape is punished. What is the explanation? Yes, because freedom is as natural a need of a living organism as water and drink. You cannot be punished for craving for freedom, the Germans say.

    Therefore, giving up is unnatural. Moreover, the prison will not fix it. And life will punish all the same.

    By the way, the person who really committed the murder and googled on the Internet "what to do now?" - he presents an unnecessary and weighty proof of his guilt to the investigation and the court with his own hands.

  • You write what is not important for what and why. And I just would have acted differently depending on what caused the murder. Firstly, I could not have done this on purpose. If this happened in self-defense, I would go to the police. If someone did something terrible to my family (fie, fie, fie) as revenge, then after what I did, I tried to hide.

  • If I did this, then just walk around and realize the fact that I took someone's life ...No, I could not be so honest. I was not in such a situation (and I hope to never be what I wish everyone), but if that happened, I would have called an ambulance and the police. An ambulance, so that they would record the death and the police, for my confession. As the saying goes, a sincere confession is a thing that can work miracles (though not always, but still).

    And somewhere to run, hide, etc. - it makes no sense. For sooner or later, if not services, then fate will strike you back... Of course, it's one thing to write, and quite another thing to find yourself in such a situation. Now I am writing that I would have done this, and if I had found myself in this situation, I could have done it differently. In general, this is a difficult question.

  • Give up!!! Better to come with a sincere confession than go crazy after a while! To hide forever and be unpunished, while constantly being afraid that they will come for you is not an option ... It is better to confess and receive a well-deserved punishment.

  • You can't run away from yourself, you won't be able to hide all your life. Not washed away stain everywhere will get, and on this, and in the next world. Self-confession has always softened fate. And it's better to confess now, to accept punishment. Than to live and be afraid, besides nakozanie then will be stricter. Yes, and others will be more difficult to accept this fact. So you should think about your life, and the lives of others, and decide. Yes, go to confession.

  • Let's start with what caused the deprivation one person living another person... Naturally, in any normal person, unless of course he is an experienced killer, remorse will turn on by itself. It can even lead to a mental disorder. And it is unlikely that such a person will be able to live peacefully on and will not punish himself. Of course, everywhere they write and say that you need to tell everything and it will become easier! Although unlikely. If a person committed a crime, was well aware of what he was doing, then there must be some motive that, indirectly or directly, justifies the murderer's action. If everything happened in a state of passion, then it is better to go and confess. And the point is not even that you will be "cut off" for this. Rather, the important thing is that the soul will become a little easier.

    Killing is a scary word. For example, today in the news they told about a drunk driver who lost control of the car and ran over nine teenagers. YES! he was drunk! This is a terrible deed! But he did not hide. He immediately called an ambulance and began to provide first aid on the spot. But many try to escape from the scene of the crime. I do not condemn the criminals, in particular the murderers) because I do not fully know the motive and circumstances.

    And further. Do not judge. After all, from prison and from Sumy do not blame!

  • You cannot run away from yourself, so running away is useless. Surrendering voluntarily to the police is the best way out, you can count on the minimum possible punishment.

  • If you killed a person, then by law, I, as a decent citizen, must declare it, I just don’t know how. Whatever you say to justify, crime is a crime, and any outcome in this situation will be pitiable for you. Run if you can, only if you are a genius, traces will remain and eventually you will be found. Surrender or run your job, but those who say are right cannot run away. In any case, the question is not correct, you put everyone in a deft position, now all the accomplices involved in the crime, and forced to convey to you that I and with elayu.Bandit, a thief, a murderer should be in tyurme.Begaya justice ye shall still have many crimes, from the banal theft of food, clothing, before another murder in the case, if you know someone in order to hide the crime.

  • This is the eternal question of humanity. which arises very often by the will of chance and fate. In such a situation, not everyone copes with his emotions and the instinct of self-preservation and they do (leaving the scene of the crime) not wanting it to be that sinister mistake for which they have to pay for a long time afterwards.

    Of course you need to go to the police and make a purely heartfelt confession. This applies to all those who committed the murder, either not intentionally by negligence or deliberately and cruelly. Yes, and with such a burden, not every honest citizen will be able to live a long time on the run, having come to his senses all the same will come with a sincere one.

  • Well ... if you don't need to kill anyone else, then go and surrender. Because if it was a blood feud, then "it should be continued ...." and in no case should it be left to chance. If everything is over, no escapes, it is not royal business - to run.

  • Of course, you have to go give up. Sincere confession mitigates punishment. By the way, in the near future you will not need an account, please pass it on to me, please, drop the email and password in PM, I will work from you.

  • I killed a man ... What should I do: go to surrender to the authorities or run away?

    Isn't it written in God's scripture one of the commandments says - "do not kill!"and do not harm your neighbor. Whatever a person does, you need to forgive him, turn him around and leave. But if it so happened that an unfortunate mistake happened and the person died through your fault, it is better to repent, pray and turn to the necessary organs.

  • This is how your soul decides, and do what you think is right. in any case, you will be punished, by the state according to the law or by yourself, and maybe by justice. Yes, it seems, indeed, to Crime and Punishment.

  • It all depends on the person himself, whether he can live with the knowledge that he killed a person, constantly hide, fear, wait for someone to come sooner or later, keep this secret. Or it is easier for him to surrender, go through the whole judicial procedure, withering the views, heartbroken, relatives of the deceased, prison life, but living after all this with a clear conscience.

    Our conscience is God. If conscience says that it is necessary to surrender, to redeem one’s own guilt immediately, then it may be worthwhile to listen, and if conscience is silent, it means that a person does not allow God into his heart.

    Life will always give a choice to a person. And his task is to make the right choice. The right choice is one that enables a person to rehabilitate himself before himself, before society, before God.

  • I think you are tormented by conscience. And you should come with a surrender. When you cooperate with the investigation, then you will be taken into account at the trial and now you remember the whole picture of the crime that it is possible, together with a lawyer, you will find a solution to the problem and you will be given less time. And if you hide, then sooner or later, this crime will be revealed and will give you the maximum term, and while they are looking for you, you will be tormented by your conscience and it will be a waste of nerves, so you can thunder into the psychological hospital. But of course this is your business.

  • Surrender, of course, would be the smart thing to do. But the instinct of self-preservation, I think, will make you think about the option of escape. And no matter how this murder happened, by accident or not, it is better to surrender, even though your conscience will be clear. And another option to answer this question, read the book: "Crime and Punishment".

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