Why did they hang a carpet on the wall before?

Why did they hang a carpet on the wall before?

  • Well, a lot of reasons. First, it is a symbol of wealth. Secondly, noise insulation, heat insulation. was considered beautiful. it was also possible to save on wallpaper. About one wall is a furniture wall, behind which the wallpaper can not be glued, and on the wall opposite there is a carpet, behind which the wallpaper can also not be glued. Savings there.))

  • I think that everyone's goals were different. Some hung up because they liked it - a beautiful carpet decorated their home. Someone as a national tradition is a symbol of prosperity, for example, in Turkey, Uzbekistan. Others - for the sake of economy (except for wallpaper?). Someone hid their savings behind carpets in the wall, someone simply hid some flaws (irregularities, cracks, holes))) Well, this was fashion before - everyone wore the same tracksuits, bought furniture sets, drove Cossacks and ... hung carpets on the walls))

  • In Soviet times, it was considered prestigious to have in the house several quality carpets, preferably imported, including wall ones. A good carpet was considered a symbol of well-being and wealth of the family, high-quality carpet was quite expensive and it was not so easy to buy it in times of general shortage.

    A good carpet could be obtained through an acquaintance, by standing in a line at the store or by a happy coincidence.

    The carpet served as decoration for the living space, covered the torn wallpaper or holes in the wall, and also served as some sound insulation and protection from noisy neighbors.

    Some homes still have wall carpets, as their owners are accustomed to their carpets.

    Why did they hang a carpet on the wall before?

  • Previously hung carpet on the wall for beauty.

    We have carpets on every wall near the bed at home.

    It was very beautiful and fashionable, as well as warm, when sitting on a bed leaning on the wall with your back.

    Now the fashion for the carpets that cling to the walls has passed.

  • Some still hang carpets on the walls, especially for pensioners.

    It used to be fashionable when the carpets are hanging, there were carpets hanging at home too, the house immediately became more comfortable.

    The carpets were hung in order to keep the walls warm, good noise isolation, beautiful, a well-to-do figure.

    The tradition of hanging carpets on the walls came to us from the East.

    At our place (my parents), Persian carpets hung, we lived in Central Asia, so it was not difficult for parents to purchase such carpets.

    But over time, we children have got families and parents have divided these carpets between us, and we covered the floors with them.

    By that time, hanging carpet fashion had passed.

  • At one time, my life was connected with the East, the Caucasus. I remember that in every room and on every wall hung a carpet; and in this way a rich part of society could declare itself; although where I lived it was very hot, that is, the carpets were not hung on the walls in order to keep warm, this is a tradition of the eastern, southern interior. Moreover, because once they were woven by hand. And this is the whole art!

    Frankly, I prefer the bare walls, and not so long ago, I didn’t remove the carpets from the walls, I tore them off. I do not like. Perhaps because I belong to a different generation, but my ancestors would never do that.

  • It was a sign of prosperity in people in their houses. And probably the carpet was warmer. Now, some people still have carpets on the walls. But I myself didn’t like it and when I grew up, I took off the carpet in my room. It seems to me there is a lot of dust accumulated.

  • The carpet of its kind was a wall decoration. After all, before the walls are not stuck wallpaper. Beautiful carpet still emphasized the viability of the family. The smarter the carpet, the richer the family. After the wall began to stick wallpaper, the carpet migrated to the floor.

  • Then, why and now - this is the cheapest way to insulate a cold wall and muffle neighbors. By the way, it also hangs behind us, by the way. Sound and heat insulation will cost much more, especially when you consider that this rug is part of my inheritance))

  • Previously, it was a sign of the status and position of people. The richer the carpets, the more status a person lived in this house. Almost all people from the Soviet era have carpets, this is already a relic of the century, and besides it was a great home decoration. Most of our grandparents still have carpets, just because they do not make repairs and do not chase for fashion. Just weigh, as hung and sun.

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