What to do if tobacco is burning in a hookah?

Tobacco can burn in a hookah for very prosaic reasons:

  • you are using old coal;
  • you come across low quality tobacco;
  • you overheated the bowl;
  • you have hammered the tobacco incorrectly;
  • you punched holes in the foil incorrectly.
  • you burned tobacco with charcoal.

Let's take a look at the most common problems in order.

Overheated Bowl: Most Common Tobacco Burning Problem

Even an experienced person finds it difficult to withstand the temperature in an earthen bowl. And if you have no experience in cooking hookahthen it is doomed to fail. Overheated tobacco in an earthenware bowl will give a bitter taste when smoked. Ceramic bowls are generally considered a relic of the past and are no longer used in hookah lounges.

Overheated hookah bowl

In addition, different tobaccos have different heat resistance. And if you were able to burn the alphaker, then burning the nahlu will be more difficult.

Exit: remove the charcoal from the bowl and let it cool. You also need to blow through the hookah while the bowl is cooling.

The second reason for tobacco burning: you burned the tobacco with charcoal

When you smoke a hookah, you are using too many coals. Or foil holes punched incorrectly. It is not a tricky business to be mistaken in this matter. Either you use the wrong tool and the holes are big, or you make too many or too few. Know when to stop and use a regular needle. And place the coals around the edges of the bowl.

How not to burn hookah tobacco with coals

If you feel that the tobacco has started to burn, then remove some of the charcoal. When using the cap, you will also be careful, the tobacco can burn because of it. If the problem cannot be eliminated, one thing remains - to re-slice the hookah with new tobacco and new coal.

Do not forget about the space between the tobacco and the foil. Experienced hookah makers make a foil ring between the tobacco and the foil on which the charcoal is placed.

If tobacco is burning in a hookah - what can be done

The third reason for tobacco burning: poor quality tobacco

Dried or poor quality tobacco can cause burning. It is important to store tobacco correctly: in a dry and cool place, without exposure to sunlight. And do not buy fakes from unverified suppliers.

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