What should be in a suitcase?

If you are going to get to know another country, then this article is for you. If you have already left your homeland, you should still read this article. You can find out if you are doing everything right.

Packing a suitcase for the road - photo

There is no doubt that the first step is to pick up a suitcase. The best option would be a suitcase on wheels. Since such a suitcase can save you from the need to carry heavy loads. It also doesn't hurt to take a large enough tight bag with you, as the suitcase may break. If the wheel flies off, you can use the package to fix the situation.

The suitcase should have locks, the key to which should be kept in an accessible and safe place. You can put a spare key in your wallet. Your luggage must contain tags, which must include the surname and first name in the Latin alphabet, as well as contact numbers in the international format.

You need to understand that, in accordance with current legislation, containers with liquids are more than 50 ml. can only be carried in the hold. In other words, all perfumes and creams should be packed in a suitcase. All piercing and sharp objects, such as scissors and nail files, should also be in the suitcase.

When it comes to carry-on baggage, your peace of mind and confidence will depend on the size of your carry-on bag. It is good if she has long enough handles. This will allow you to carry it on your shoulder.

The size of the carry-on bag should be large enough to easily hold cigarettes, glasses, wallet, camera, tissues, medicines, documents, telephone and a bottle of water.

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