Why dream of the funeral of a stranger? Why see a funeral in a dream?

If a person sees a funeral in a dream (it does not matter whether a friend or a stranger), then most often he wakes up with a heavy sediment on his soul. Few people will enjoy such a dream. Some especially impressionable people think about the funeral in their sleep for a long time and speculate about the meaning. Many people worry that sleep means the death of a loved one. You do not need to panic and build all sorts of guesses, it is better to read the article below, and you will find out exactly what a person's funeral is about.

Why do you dream of your funeral?

Did you dream about your own funeral? Do not despair, this does not mean at all that the same will soon happen in real life. The dream informs you that a period is coming when you will have to pay for your mistakes and blunders in life. Don't make new mistakes. Also, a dream can warn that soon it is possible to part with an important object, a person (but not in terms of death).

why do you dream of your own funeral

Many are interested in what their own funeral is dreaming of, if they are trying to bury a person alive. Such a bad dream threatens with trouble that will arise through your fault. Any information will be used against you by enemies and envious people. If in a dream you got out of the grave, then this means overcoming all difficulties at the cost of great effort.

why dream about the funeral of a stranger

Why dream of your own funeral if you take part in them? This is a good sign promising spiritual growth and development.

What is the dream of a relative's funeral?

If in a dream you buried your relative, then this indicates the imminent disappearance of all problems and conflicts, about your financial well-being. If the funeral of a relative took place on a sunny and fine day, this indicates his good health in reality, as well as any favorable events in the near future. If the weather was cloudy, you can expect not too pleasant news from a relative.

what is the dream of other people's funerals

If you had a dream about the death of an old person, this is a great sign that soon prosperity and success await you in all your endeavors. To bury a child in a dream means the good health of relatives, but the cunning of friends is behind your back.

Why dream of the funeral of a stranger?

If you had a dream about the funeral of a completely unknown person, be prepared for difficulties and problems that will fall on your head unexpectedly. Such a dream may be a symbolic sign that someone from your family is going through difficult times now. Look around to see if you can help a family member get out of a difficult situation.

why dream of a coffin funeral

Why dream of the funeral of a stranger, held in a luxurious setting? This is a sign that promises wealth to you. If the funeral was modest, poor - do not expect mountains of gold in real life, you may soon even have to fight for existence.

Why dream of the funeral of a stranger who suddenly came to life in the midst of the ceremony? This dream promises a wedding, and not exactly to the person who saw this dream. A wedding ring can become the new companion of a relative or friend.

dreaming about the funeral of a deceased person

Seeing the funeral of an unfamiliar child in a dream is a bad sign, expect difficulties in business and work.

Why dream about the funeral of relatives who are alive

Very often, people who saw the death and funeral of still living relatives in a dream are frightened and believe that this means imminent death. In fact, this is not the case. Why do you dream of someone else's funeral, at which you see off on the last journey of your still living relatives? This means that a person who died in a dream will live for many more years and will enjoy excellent health and happiness.

If in a dream you noticed a lot of sad faces, then know that your enemies are almost ready to strike an unexpected blow. Be very careful in real life! Your bitter and inconsolable cry in a dream symbolizes imminent misfortune, which will not be too great and will be quickly resolved. If you accept condolences in a dream, expect joy and festive fun.

why is a person's funeral dreaming

If you buried an influential relative in your dream, this is a good sign. Your undertakings in terms of work and finance will be successful, you can safely take on any business and you will not lose. Improving your financial condition awaits you.

Why dream about the funeral of a person who is no longer alive

If in a dream you saw the funeral of an already dead person, do not be upset. When you dream about the funeral of a deceased person, most often you should expect good news in life, an end to failures and an early solution to all problems. Pay attention to the small details of the dream, such as the weather. If she was good, then everything in your life will turn out well. Light rain and inclement weather indicate that on the way to serene happiness, obstacles still lie in wait for you, however, not too large.

The answer to the question "Why dream of the funeral of a deceased person" will be a simple combination of words - fortunately!

A death knell in a dream - what is it for?

Hearing a sad death knell in a dream is an unexpected misfortune, I am grieving. In reality, the sound of the death knell is a symbol of sadness, grief and grief. This meaning carries over to sleep. If in a dream you yourself rang the funeral bell, then expect difficult illnesses and difficulties on the way in the near future. But to hear in a dream a funeral speech at the grave, on the contrary, is a good sign. Wait for luck and success already coming to your home!

what is the dream of the funeral of the deceased

What is the dream of preparing for the funeral?

If in a dream you are preparing for the funeral of someone, then in real life you are expected to perform a not very pleasant, but obligatory task. It is quite possible that you will not even be able to deal with this matter on your own, and the support of close friends will be very useful.

If in your dream you are going to the funeral of a person you know well, then most likely you are just very worried about him in life, which was reflected in the vision at night. If in reality such a person is sick, then you can be calm - his recovery is just around the corner!

Why dream about the funeral of friends?

Many people are worried when they see in a dream the burial of a close friend or girlfriend, and cannot understand what the coffin or funeral is about. If you see in a dream the funeral of a close friend, comrade, then expect success in all your deeds and undertakings. If in a dream you bury your girlfriend on a fine day, this means that she has a new man, a lover. If you see in a dream the funeral of a good friend with whom you have not met for a long time, expect him to visit in the near future.

The meaning of a funeral in a dream according to various dream books

At all times, people attached special importance to their dreams, which is why there are so many different dream books in the world that interpret any vision at night in their own way. What is the dream of the funeral of a stranger (or an ordinary funeral), based on the interpretations of various books?

  • The English dream book interprets the funeral unfavorably. An ancient book says that such a dream does not bode well for either the sailor or the farmer. Illness, divorce and quarrels can be expected.
  • The Egyptian dream book, on the other hand, promises you prosperity after such a night vision.
  • The Italian dream book interprets the funeral in a dream as an approach to the end.
  • Small Velesov dream book promises success, wedding, wealth after an unpleasant vision. But if the funeral of a stranger is taking place, expect failure.
  • The newest dream book adds the following to the existing interpretations: if you overtake the funeral procession in a dream, then wait for an emergency in real life.
  • Azar's dream book talks about a long life and good health in the case of a dream in which you see your own funeral. If a loved one is being buried, expect wealth.
  • The dream book of the future warns of possible unnecessary health concerns. The probability of a false diagnosis is high.
  • The dream book of Martyn Zadeki judges the loss to people who saw the funeral in a vision.
  • The dream book of the Pechora healer foreshadows a wedding in the event of a funeral in a dream.
  • The French dream book says that if you saw a luxurious funeral in a vision, then you can expect dishonor that will fall on your home and family. On the contrary, a poor funeral bodes well.

If you had a dream about the death and funeral of a loved one, but you did not have an unpleasant aftertaste on your soul, then just forget about this incident. The person you buried in your sleep will be healthy and happy! But if you have a sediment in your soul for a long time, then you should pay attention to your health, because past dreams should not bother you for a long time.

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