Why do I have terrible dreams?

Indescribable fear, severe panic attacks and anxiety are always unpleasant. Especially if it happens in a dream, when the subconscious mind is not able to respond adequately and is completely unprotected from such a nightly "horror movie". But many people, not knowing why they have terrible dreams, do not know how to interpret them correctly. Therefore, after them, they are sure to expect changes in their lives and believe that they can be harbingers of terrible upcoming problems. In order to know for sure what this or that dream can mean, you need to be able to understand it correctly and listen to the clues that are hidden in its plot.

Why do I have nightmares?

Terrible dreams can often occur if a horror movie was watched the day before or the stomach is full because of a hearty dinner eaten in the evening. In addition to these reasons, psychologists have identified a number of prerequisites for which people have such visions.

bad dreams

These include stressful situations, nervous breakdowns and disorders, feeling unwell, specific dietary patterns, the use of certain medications or alcohol abuse. Nightmares can also be some kind of expression of some kind of dissatisfaction or anxiety. Therefore, it is necessary to identify and exclude the real reason why you have bad dreams.

If the nightmares persist, then the problem of recurring bad dreams is hidden somewhere deep in the subconscious of a person. Then psychologists recommend analyzing the nightly "horror movie". But this should be done without waking up in the middle of the night, but during the day, when a person feels more protected from these nightmares.

When can horror dream come true?

Terrible dreams occur mainly in the middle of the night, while their most terrible phase lasts only a couple of minutes. But despite such a short duration, the human body reacts to a dream very violently. The heartbeat begins to increase, in some cases tremors pass throughout the body, so the dreamer often wakes up screaming and in cold sweat.

Many experts believe that a dreamed nightmare can be not only a reaction of the subconscious to certain events in life, but also a signal that you need to think about your state of health. Therefore, in order to unequivocally understand what to do when having terrible dreams, you need to identify the problem of their occurrence.

what to do if you have bad dreams

Night Terror Analysis

First, you need to ask yourself questions: "What haunts me?", "Why does this nightmare cause a feeling of anxiety?", "What exactly do these terrible dreams scare?"

What can haunt people in dreams often symbolizes a set of personal qualities of a person, as well as events, feelings and abilities that are rejected by him in his real life. The main task of psychoanalysis of night horrors is to understand what is repressed and not accepted in itself and can subsequently cause such a powerful nightmare.

For example, if a person dreamed that he was being pursued by a lion, this may mean that he avoids showing his masculinity and aggression. This happens because he tries to behave according to the rules instilled in him from childhood.

what to do when having bad dreams

What to do if you had a nightmare?

In the event that you have a terrible dream, you do not need to be afraid of it and wait for something bad right away. Psychologists advise not to attach great importance to creepy plots, but they cannot be completely ignored.

People are used to turning to ordinary dream books for interpretation immediately after nightmares. But it is worth remembering that it always considers classical cases in which individual anxieties and experiences of a person, as well as his current life situation, are not taken into account. Therefore, bad dreams need to be deciphered in a different way, listening to your inner feelings.

why do I have bad dreams

Interpreting nightmares

In order to know what to do if you have terrible dreams, you need to understand their meaning. For example, a nightmare in which a fire is dreamed means that in his daily life a person is too careless with fire.

Natural disasters and various disasters can come in night dreams if people experience a threat or perceive some events in their lives as dangerous for themselves.

A person may dream that they are being chased or attacked when he is very afraid of something and wants to hide or hide from it. If he sees himself sick, wounded or dying, this means that some kind of transition period has come in his life.

People often dream that they are being abandoned by their spouse. This plot speaks of the cooled relations between partners, as well as the fact that a person is afraid of being alone.

And why do you have terrible dreams from Wednesday to Thursday? Indeed, many argue that such nightmares are the most truthful and there is a high probability that they can come true in reality. In this case, it is best to forget them and tune yourself to a positive wave, so that internal forces can overcome all unpleasant thoughts and prevent sleep from coming true in life.

why have terrible dreams during pregnancy

Disturbing dreams while waiting for the baby

"Why do I have terrible dreams during pregnancy?" - this question is asked by many future mothers. At this time, a woman's life is filled with new sensations and emotions, which is associated with the surging hormones in their body. They begin to perceive everything differently and worry about any reason, so the likelihood that they will periodically have nightmares is very high.

Expectant mothers tend to exaggerate the meaning of bad dreams and at the same time begin to worry a lot, constantly looking for the secret meaning of these night horrors, especially if there were such dreams from Wednesday to Thursday. The interpretation of nightmares in this case can show that a woman is afraid that she is not yet ready for motherhood, or is afraid of losing an unborn child. In the end, these are just "pregnant experiences" and nothing more.

why have terrible dreams from Wednesday to Thursday

How to get rid of bad dreams?

From all of the above, only one conclusion can be drawn: you should not be afraid of nightmares, since they are only a product of the human subconscious. If you do not ignore them, then you can understand what thoughts or problems a person has accumulated. Therefore, in order for nightmares to end, you just need to eliminate all the reasons that contribute to their appearance.

Some experts advise those people who suffer from nightmares to discuss their plot with someone who can be completely trusted. A look from the outside will always help to detect complexes or shortcomings that a person does not even suspect about.

In addition, you can defeat nightmares by drawing. To do this, you just need to sketch creepy pictures from a bad dream, remembering and fixing all the smallest details on a sheet of paper. When the drawing is finished, you need to carefully examine it and try to find an image that causes resentment and fear.

Some evening rituals, such as an essential oil bath and total relaxation, can also help promote great sleep.

What to do to prevent the nightmare from coming true?

When a bad dream has already been dreamed, and a person is extremely afraid that all his events may occur in real life, it is better to proceed as follows:

  • After waking up, say three times: "Where the night is, there is sleep", and then spit 3 times over the left shoulder.

  • Turn all the bedding on which the person was sleeping inside out when he had a nightmare.

  • Describe your terrible dreams on paper, as well as write in detail about all negative emotions about this and burn this sheet. As the people say, sleep should dissipate along with the ashes.

dreams from Wednesday to Thursday interpretation

After a nightmare, the first thing to do in the morning is to make your bed right away. This action is done in order to close the inner world and prevent uninvited guests from entering there.

What can be useful in bad dreams?

According to some psychologists, nightmares can be beneficial for a person in the following cases:

  • If you visit terrible dreams after any serious trauma of a psychological nature, then in this case the night terrors allow a person to throw out all negative emotions and in this way restore their mental balance.

  • Nightmares can also help detect a pre-existing problem in the body that the person was completely unaware of in reality.

  • If terrible dreams accompany the turning points in life, then in the end there should be a good denouement. Since nightmares in this case show a person that he has passed to a new level of his development.

Thus, getting rid of deep psychological causes, people can not only say goodbye to terrible dreams forever, but also change their lives for the better.

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