Can pregnant women be photographed?

Can pregnant women be photographed?

  • Pregnant women can be photographed.

    Opinions and signs that photographing negatively affects pregnant women are groundless. Photos are a wonderful memory of this period of life. The only thing that probably should not be posted on the Internet.

    Can pregnant women be photographed?

  • You can take pictures during pregnancy, and you do not need to believe in this baseless omen. And how nice it is to look at the photo where a woman is captured during pregnancy. We have a photo in a frame where my husband and I are captured, but there are not two of us, but three :))

  • not possible, but really necessary, because this is such a memory, for all your wonderful life, it will be so nice to see these photos with your kids, and then with your grandchildren, an unforgettable time in the future.

  • this is a question of superstition) of course it is necessary, because this is the most unforgettable and wonderful state of a woman! however, if you are convinced that this is not very good and you have it firmly stuck in your brain and you feel discomfort during a photo session, then you do not need to do this. this period of life is very important to live in harmony with your inner world, listen to yourself and do only what you want with all your heart, and not what society imposes.

  • I had to - I changed my passport, but it’s waist-deep, if it weren’t for the cheeks, there’s nothing about it, but I didn’t want to be photographed and I didn’t do it because of superstition. I just didn't like myself. Now I understand that it could have been, but that's all.

  • Can. And you need to. Then you will have the opportunity to look at the photos and see how the pregnancy proceeded. There is no need to be afraid of superstition. Superstition is empty. Take pictures, if you like, there will definitely not be any harm from it.

  • If you do not believe in omens, then take pictures for your health. On the contrary, photographs can capture the most pleasant time in a woman's life. You will never forget about those wonderful moments when you nurtured a new soul under your heart!

    I think this omen is very stupid and unreasonable, like many others.

  • Pregnant women can be photographed. The ban on this is superstition. Just before, only noble and wealthy women were photographed, who often did not differ in good health and had a predisposition to miscarriages or death during childbirth. This is where this omen came from. Take pictures for your health! Then you will be happy to look at photographs of this happy period of your life. You can even create a special photo album)

  • Of course you can be photographed and filmed, what kind of silly questions? Nothing will happen to you or to your future children, you do not live in the Stone Age to believe in such nonsense ...

  • The whole pregnancy was photographed, from the 9th week to the 39th. Now the "result" lies in the cradle and snores gently))

  • I think that it is possible and necessary! Well this is a great time and it is worth capturing it, especially since for many it happens once in a lifetime. I took pictures, the only thing that I did not post, as many now do, in all sorts of social networks.

  • Sure you may. Only in this way you will have an additional memory of these already unforgettable months. Photos during pregnancy will beautify any family photo archive, making it more homely and touching.

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