Opposition Jupiter - Uranus. What is the meaning?

Opposition Jupiter - Uranus. What is the meaning?

  • People with such opposition are prone to various experiments with finances, which most often fail. A restless disposition, a desire to develop, but this requires huge finances, so ruin can await them. They are idealistic and sympathetic. They can build castles in the air, forgetting about pressing problems. There is a penchant for strange cults and experiments with religion. There may be strange behavior. But they remain firm in their intentions.

    There are many different trips that can be damaging. They constantly quarrel with friends, they are not diplomatic. Any misalignment invokes conflict. They make dubious plans and are led to the dubious plans of others. Adventurers seeking admiration. They can be quick-tempered and harsh, capable of radical measures, freedom-loving. With favorable aspects, they can fight for independence and justice is characteristic of them.

  • The opposition of Jupiter and Uranus in the natal horoscope portends all kinds of adventures and surprises associated with travel. Whether it's a trip to a resort, a sea cruise, or just a business trip. When choosing a companion for such a trip, it is best to avoid people with such opposition. After all, their adventures will inevitably become yours.

    In addition, such people are often prone to extremist ideas. They can join a revolutionary organization or become adherents of any unusual religious cult. At the same time, they tend to periodically change their beliefs, which until recently fiercely defended, to the exact opposite.

    As students of higher educational institutions, they tend to suddenly lose interest in their studies, change faculties and specialties, and fall under expulsion.

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