Born 18 November, what kind of character?

Born 18 November, what kind of character?

  • Bright, ardent, kind, generous, fair, honest, decent, monogamous, willing to do good and help good people. Strong, proud (like all lions) ... Very sunny.

    Leo girls and women still have such a quality as love for children, very strong maternal feelings ... Love for beauty, for art, for nature, for music.

    Among the lions born on August 18, there are poets, writers, playwrights, philosophers, psychologists, doctors ...

    And of course, a man, according to the sign of a lion, born on August 18, is always the soul of the company and he is always the center of society.

    The sign of the eastern horoscope also matters!

  • Scorpios born on November 18 are sensitive, sociable and lively people, although sometimes they are capricious, absent-minded and inattentive.

    Such Scorpios in life are distinguished by both physical mobility and mental alertness. Their main character trait is emotional instability, even though they always give the impression of very calm and concentrated natures. This is all self-control, which they master perfectly. They have to control themselves in order to leave a pleasant impression on those around them and so that they do not see what kind of cauldron is boiling inside such Sagittarius. They have a strong desire to always be in the center of events and to be their main participant.

    Born November 18 are popular with friends and relatives, because they know how to give joy and share a good mood. Even if they sometimes become unnecessarily noisy, capricious and selfish, they never leave their vital charm, for which, in fact, they are valued by those around them.

    These Scorpions make talented leaders, their ambitions will not let them stagnate in one place. They can hide their abilities for the time being, until they themselves understand that they are capable of more.

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