In which season of the Battle of Psychics were the strongest participants?

In which season of the Battle of Psychics were the strongest participants?

  • And it seems to me that the strongest was the season in which Alexander Sheps and Marilyn Kerro were - this is the 14th season. There were strong psychics there, I still remember many. Although from season to season I notice that the further - the stronger people are recruited and the tests are more difficult. I remember the first season. The winner of Vorotnikov, in comparison with any psychic of the current 17th season, is generally a child and babbles.

    The program is gaining momentum every time people are stronger.

  • And I remember the season with Alexander Sheps most of all, he told everything so unmistakably, communicated with the dead, spoke from the dead, as if they were possessed by him, it all looked very believable, I already had goosebumps, it didn’t look like a show ... Sheps also has a suitable appearance, eyes are huge sky blue with some kind of purple tint, I don't know, of course, maybe it's lenses, but a look like that of a real psychic, you can't play that. Even my husband started watching this battle and was rooting for Sheps.

  • In my opinion, it was the strongest participants (that is, all the heroes) where Victoria Raidas won, if memory serves season 16. In my opinion, at least it was interesting to watch there, but not that one seems to know everything, while others are humming. This grandfather was especially cheerful there)))) I remember him the most))

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