1947 year-year of which animal in the eastern calendar?

1947 year-year of which animal in the eastern calendar?

  • In 1947 it was the year of the wild boar, the year after the war, the hard year.

    Those born in this year are distinguished by their audacity and the ability to self-sacrifice, like knights. for this they are respected, loved and appreciated. Even enemies respect such, and the "knights" also have them.

    People vulnerable and vulnerable, they feel the soul and feel the feelings of a stranger, like their own.

    1947 year-year of which animal in the eastern calendar?

  • According to the Eastern calendar, 1947 is the year of the red fire Pig or Boar. Such a pig has a truly inexhaustible supply of energy and a sea of ​​vitality. She is very stubborn in her actions, but she knows how to work with dedication. She is inherent in risk and high concentration. She may even put everything she has at stake.

  • According to Eastern calendar,1947 year - Year of the Fire Red Pig (January 22, 1947 - February 9, 1948).

    The people born this year speak Chinese horoscopes, they are very stubborn, risky, and straightforward, rarely bring things to the logical end, but they are selfless, generous and sincere, possessing high intellectual abilities.

    The best professions for them are: a writer, composer, artist, politician, as well as a chef and a head of the personnel department.

  • According to the Eastern calendar, 1947 was the year of the red fire Boar (Pig). The element of the year is fire, the determining color is red. The beginning of the year of the Pig took place on January 22, 1947.

    Born in the year of the Cabana characterize such qualities: courage, sociability, the desire to avoid quarrels. More boars, as a rule, have good health, inherent in nature. Some boars are closed and independent.

  • This year 1947 is the year of the Red Fiery Pig. Representatives of this animal are soft, kind, energetic people. The principle of a pig is this: always be faithful in marriage, do not change your half. By nature, trusting, naive to some extent people, but then At the same time, they are not inclined to compromise.

  • It was the year of the Boar. True, I do not know which one - red, blue, wood, iron or any other. I know for sure, because this year my mother, my uncle's wife, my best friend's mother and father were born.

  • Eastern horoscope: 1947 year of the Red Fiery Boar (Pig)

    The year number ends in 7, which means the element of the year is Fire, the color is red.

    In the remainder of the division of the year number on 12 we get 3, which means that this year is the Cabana or the Pig.

    According to the Chinese calendar, this year began 22 January 1947 and lasted until 9 February 1948 year.

    By the way, January 22 is one of the earliest possible dates for the beginning of the year according to the Chinese calendar.

  • 1947 year, was the year of a pig or a wild boar. This year, there were born such famous personalities as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stephen King, Natalia Varley, Marina Nelova and many others.

    As far as I know people born in the year of the pig, they are usually very sociable, smiling, ambitious and purposeful.

  • 1947 year, this Year of the Pig.

    Interesting was the year in history, the year of the pig in general is very interesting at any time, people are quick-tempered, stubborn and generous, very interesting.

    Many who were born in the year of the pig possess good intellectual potential.

  • According to the Chinese horoscope, this year 1947 is the year of the Red Fire Pig or otherwise the Pig. This year those born under the sign of the Pig are distinguished by a very peaceful nature. These are real virtues, they see only good in other people. It is warm, cozy and safe with such people, as they are always ready to help and do it with pleasure. And dishonest people often use this, but Pigs do not lose faith in good. For these reasons, they have no enemies. They are hardworking people, this quality makes it possible for them to achieve well-being, but they prefer simple pleasures.

    1947 year-year of which animal in the eastern calendar?

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