Why are scorpions women bad? And there is something good in them?

Why are scorpions women bad? Is there something good in them?

  • It so happened that I myself am a scorpion, and my friends are scorpions.))) Yes, we are not easy people, we can flare up, we can bite accidentally, and it hurts. But! we are not doing this out of malice! But only because of our temperament. Inability to hold back always and in everything. We break down. But we are fair, wise, cheerful, it is always interesting to be with us.))) Scorpios always, if they suddenly get acquainted with a scorpion, it means they will definitely show interest in this person. Once in Abkhazia at the evening Caucasian table, I remember, we gathered five people. They drank, ate, sang songs. We are Armenians, Abkhazians, Russians, Jews.))) And we had fun. And then we realized why - we were all scorpions!))) This is how we attract each other.)))

  • Scorpio's hallmark is vindictiveness. They will not leave even the smallest offense unpunished. And all this will be done from under the tish, choosing the right moment for a retaliatory strike. Until they take revenge, they will not rest. And the positive thing about this sign is that they are very loyal and devoted friends.

  • I have a daughter - a scorpion in the Year of the Dragon, a character, of course, he is still ... but she is a very loyal and reliable friend, responsible, punctual, strong inside, very kind, children love her very much, and the male population ... just crazy. but she keeps everyone at a distance. says: "I haven't met her yet." and mood swings .... this is nonsense, compared to its merits.

  • It is worth recognizing that these are femme fatale. They reject compromises, such people should not be imposed on relationships, since the Scorpio woman is a whole nature. But they are very secretive, so they want the other person to kind of guess what she needs. The Scorpio woman values ​​freedom very much.

  • Well I do not know! In my opinion, women with the sign of the scorpion are born fighters, they are jealous (but not envious) of the success of other people, they often enter into various competitions. I don't see anything good or bad here! but in general they are very attractive natures, but with a variety of internal conflicts, without which, in general, they cannot imagine their existence.

  • These are strong women, self-sufficient, self-confident, despite the difficult nature of men, they love such. Incompatibility with Aries according to the horoscope, but at the same time they feel great with Aries in bed.

  • I know a lot of Scorpio women - the bad thing is that they are very touchy, but this only hurts them, unfortunately! But there are very, very many positive qualities, maybe I will not cite everything, but I think that they will correct me - Scorpio women are very sexy, they are economic and economical, very family and loyal, they have a strong and even stoic character, they are wonderful and understanding mothers , the process of raising children is very easy for them! These are super women and they can do anything if they want!

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