What is characteristic of the owners of Venus and Mars in Aquarius?

What is characteristic of the owners of Venus and Mars in Aquarius?

  • For a start, a few words about what Mars and Venus are in the natal chart of a person.

    Mars is our energy, impulses, force. This hidden forces that force us to do this or that way. This is what energy and energy is spent on.In the female horoscope is image of a manwhich will be to the liking of the mistress of the horoscope. In the masculine is proper owner himselfas he shows his best masculine qualities in society, or with a woman for example.

    Venus is our idea of ​​beauty, charm, aesthetics, tastes and preferences. Way of earning

    In the female horoscope Venus responsible for the image of the mistress of the horoscope, how it will be perceived by others, and most importantly, men. In the male horoscope Venusis the image of the beloved, it is the image of those women in whom the owner of the horoscope will fall in love without thinking, on a subconscious level, I would say.

    Mars in Aquarius- here the energy is unstable, it is as if spasmodic. A person can perform a large amount of work, or generally avoid it. But the most important thing for Mars in Aquarius is that the work he does is interesting, promising, unusual for him (payment and practicality are important for an airy Mars). Developed intuition. He does not like frames and boundaries in behavior, he is freedom-loving. This manifests itself in all areas of life. Loves risk and adventure.

    Mars in Aquarius in men- such a man is very wayward, smart, sometimes unpredictable and unreliable, because sometimes he avoids responsibility. He slips away as if leaving behind a lot of secrets. But such men are loved by women. Riddle ...

    Mars in Aquarius in a woman, a woman chooses an unusual, unconventional, independent, freedom-loving, unusual adventurer (if Mars is affected), or just a person who stands out from the gray mass as his partner.

    Venus in Aquarius in men- a woman is chosen only by one that is interesting to him (not for sex), is interesting for her life principles, smart statements, an easy attitude to many difficult things. For him, this is a real friend.

    Venus in Aquarius in women- this is a kid woman, her own on the board for everyone, where it is necessary and dirty curses, where necessary - there will be a lady, knows how to adapt to any situation, is original, stubborn, does not like it when someone restricts her personal space, can break cruelly all relationships, and not even remember how good it was together, the marriage is regarded as a tragedy, she tries to get married as late as possible, she looks very young, despite the fact that her appearance can be dull, she is loved by men, and chooses bright, smart men, resourceful and resourceful.

    Venus in Aquarius is usually a frequent change of jobs, but it would be better if you had your own business, your own business. There are no frames! Only freedom for creativity. And this is what air Venus breathes.

  • Venus is the planet of love. Mars planet of war. Aquarius is a very freedom-loving sign of the zodiac 12. In this scenario, there will always be conflicts on the love front due to personal space, freedom. In that case, if the partner will be infringed in freedom.

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