What does it mean to see yourself in a different role (body) in a dream?

What does it mean to see yourself in a different role (body) in a dream?

  • Sleep is an expression of your thoughts and inner experiences. It is necessary to interpret the dream in full, and not its individual fragments. Try to analyze your actions in a dream (no matter what body you are in). Most likely, you will be able to figure out the reason for the appearance of such dreams. If not. And it is very important for you to get to the bottom of the truth, then visit a psychologist.

  • Psychologists like to interpret such dreams, finding in them manifestations of the famous anima and animus of Carl Gustav Jung. They believe that to see themselves in another body or, in principle, the same thing, from the outside, is to look at themselves from a different, outside point of view. Seeing yourself in the prime of life, or vice versa in weakness, with a strong or weak side of the personality, means self-knowledge, the desire to understand your inner self, the work of the subconscious. Considering such dreams in detail, you can discover hidden problems, fears, or tell a lot about a person. For example, if you find yourself in the body of the opposite sex, this may indicate a conflict between the desired and actual perception of life, dissatisfaction with your character, the desire to change something in yourself radically, which in reality you are even afraid to voice.

  • Surely you have unresolved problems, you are worried and it is difficult for you to cope with them, you need a lot of nerves to solve, and it is difficult for you, and you would like someone else to help them solve, therefore this is a dream.

  • They say that seeing yourself in, as if from the outside, means that you have big plans for the future or for successful financial advancement, and you also have good health. Although you shouldn't believe all these dreams, it's all nonsense.

  • It is believed that if a sleeping person sees himself in another, unfamiliar body, then these are echoes of his past lives. That is, we do not remember who we were in past incarnations, but sometimes in a dream these images from the past break through into our consciousness in a similar way.

    But this assumption, of course, is very controversial and has not been proven by anyone. Usually, the interpreters of dreams say that such dreams are a reflection of the inner mood of a person and his unwillingness to be himself.

  • This may mean that you often compare yourself with others, and it seems to you that they are more beautiful and better in appearance, because the subconscious mind shows us in a dream only the interpretation of our thoughts and nothing comes from the outside.

    Also, our astral body separates at night and can fly in the astral plane, and this is called going out to the astral plane and you could just see yourself from the side.

    You may be dissatisfied with some of your character traits or you wanted a person of the opposite sex, so you have such dreams.

    And the way you see yourself in a dream, it speaks of how in real life you see your body in reality or want to see it like that.

  • most often that you would like to be someone else, you are unhappy with yourself, your body, appearance or character, and in a dream it is distorted.

  • During sleep, from a physiological point of view, the brain is restored (restores the neural circuits damaged during the day) and we see a reflection of our experiences and important moments in a dream. So if you see a dream, then you need to analyze it all and compare it with the last days - this is a reflection of your experiences and strong emotions. Perhaps you are jealous of this person or envy, or you know what he did wrong and want to change.

  • There are diametrically opposite interpretations of such a dream.

    So the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima gives the following comments on this matter

    What does it mean to see yourself in a different role (body) in a dream?

    There is also a version that this dream can be a guide to past lives and the image in which you see yourself is the body that you had in your previous life.

  • If you dream about moving your body. then analyze your problems. Moving to someone else's body can speak of the impossibility and fear of solving their own problems and a person in a dream runs away to another body. Perhaps you subconsciously want to become a different person.

  • It seems to me that such dreams say that you are inclined towards dualism.

    You may have a habit of being fickle. Or all the time to listen to other people's opinions and be completely controlled.

    Maybe you don't like your life, soul and body. It is necessary to change something in life.

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