Flower horoscope for Virgo? What flowers are suitable for Virgo?

Flower horoscope for Virgo? What flowers are suitable for Virgo?

  • According to the flower horoscope, Virgo - Lily is one of the most beautiful representatives of the flower world. She symbolizes luxury and wealth. Virgo is an earth sign and therefore its talisman is bulbous flowers. Among them is a carnation, the most reliable talisman - a symbol of love and home, able to protect it from unseemly deeds and bad people. Also, weaving flexible vines and bindweed are a talisman. They, like the Virgo herself, cling to the slightest support and hold even above the abyss. These include the cucumber, which, in addition to weaving, is still edible, that is, practical, while Virgo is a practical lady herself. Virgos are also suitable according to the horoscope and these flowers: aster, red poppies, mother-and-stepmother.

  • Earthly Virgo, endowed with many strong plants. All plants of this sign contain energy to maintain good emotional and physical tone. Very often, Virgo plants have medicinal properties.

    Virgo plants are aloe, monstera, dracaena unfolded, syngonium, scindapsus, Japanese aucuba, cissus, philodendron. And the representatives of this sign are not recommended to grow bulbous plants and cinnabar clivia.

  • The element of this sign is the Earth, is under the ruling planet - Mercury. Therefore, people under the sign of Virgo learn new things well and diligently, and actively use it in life, try to bring everything to perfection. This zodiac sign is very closely related to medicinal plants. Therefore, many Virgo flowers can be found in a meadow or in a forest. But not only are the plants of this sign attracted by the benefits, there are also those that have a rare beauty.

    According to the flower horoscope, Virgos are asters.

    Of the garden ornamental species, Virgo will suit flowers that, no matter what, adapt to any conditions, persistent, unpretentious, very sophisticated. Delphinium possesses such qualities. The beauty and sophistication of the sign was absorbed by the lily. Chrysanthemum is perfect for this sign, it can become a wonderful indoor talisman, as well as a daisy. It is also worth noting the carnation and various climbing plants.

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