Psychics, clairvoyant fortune tellers what awaits Ukraine in the future?

Psychics, clairvoyant fortune tellers what awaits Ukraine in the future?

  • How many I read and heard predictions of psychics, clairvoyants and fortune-tellers, even the famous Bulgarian seer Vanga, all unanimously claim that Ukraine will soon become part of Russia, first the Crimea, and then all of Ukraine and with their unification will flourish. Well, let's wait and see if these predictions come true.

  • I carefully listened to the video with the predictions of the Kazakhstani Vanga. Everything that she said simply proceeds from the present situation, and all those to whom she predicted a tragic end are not pleasing to the higher powers, but to the people of Ukraine, I think that it’s not predictions, but she’s just “in the subject” so to speak.

  • Yes, now any person in the slightest degree watching the news can be presented as a psychic. Indeed, there are people who have extrasensory predictions, but they are very, very few and they can not stand their arguments on a wide zagal.

    It seems to me that Ukraine will nevertheless become part of Russia, albeit not quite by peaceful means, but it will be. And very soon.

  • Now there is a lot of such information on the net, everyone is talking about anything, the number of "predictors" and "psychics" is constantly growing. The most interesting thing is that they are all wrong and the same Wang does not always get to the point. Not to mention Globe, very few people believe in him (too many mistakes). I think that you should not take all these predictions seriously, it is better to read the analysis of reputable analysts, they are the best of the "psychics".

  • For interest, I began to search the Internet for predictions of psychics made in 2012-2013. After reviewing a bunch of predictions, I was surprised that there was not a single hit !!! No one! Many people write that everything will be fine and calm in Ukraine. Absolutely disappointed in modern psychics. Are there really some charlatans left? Who to believe?

  • Looking at the "enlightened" and full of intelligence faces (on the videos posted by the respondents) of all these clairvoyants, magicians, fortune tellers, or who they are, I had only one question: since they are able to see the future, then why the hell are they talking about it ? You can make money on your gift on the quiet, without advertising your abilities anywhere. Why quietly? Yes, because they would quickly be taken into circulation by the special services. And since they do not take them into circulation, they are not fortune-tellers or soothsayers. So that. However, I personally, using the method of visual analysis, see that the video shows one housewife and two swindlers.

    I understand that the author believes in predictions, once asked such a question from clairvoyants. Well, or could not come up with a different wording to create a question on this site. But I will answer you this way: do not believe in clairvoyants. These are ordinary swindlers and deceivers. They can guess, they can not guess.

    I'll tell you that Crimea will remain with Russia. But Ukraine will begin (for now) to slowly pass under the control of the West (EU and USA). There will be no wars. The West doesn’t need the Crimea. There is nothing for them to fight for. And who to fight with? With Russia? A nuclear power? It's ridiculous ... Here are the sanctions - yes, they can impose, but that's all. Bad, of course, but yeah, I hope we get through it.

  • All my life, Ukraine sought to unite and all its life they tried to tear it apart. So it happens now, but sooner or later this magnet will unite and harden, that no force will be able to separate it.

    The video was recorded in August 2011.

  • Before the new year, I looked at some horoscope, quite by chance, who didn’t know either. Ukraine predicted the collapse of the 3 parts to the middle of the year. I then thought, what kind of nonsense, what three parts! And here is the 2 part, get it, sign it! How sad it is if the forecast comes true.

  • I met such a video on the network. Created not by clairvoyants .. But really - what's the difference. Everything that psychics now say about the future of Ukraine is just an analysis of the current situation. So this interpretation is not much different.

  • All these psychics are charlatans. How can they predict such unpredictable events in Ukraine, even if they cannot even find a Malaysian Boeing. And the souls of the dead 290 people will not tell them anything. And the battle of psychics on NTV is a show to attract viewers to the TV channel. There is no Vanga level clairvoyant now, so there is no one to predict events in Ukraine. Although the fate of Ukraine can be predicted by the black magician Barack Obama, the outcome of the prediction depends on the amount of money invested by the USA in Ukraine

  • Our fortune-teller grandmother lived in our village. She read the cards very accurately. This gift was given to her by her mother. So this our grandmother told us that her mother always said that there will come a time when the dollar will be like rubbish. These pieces of paper will lie underfoot and no one will pick them up. Everything that grandma said was always to the point.

    America then flourished, and we still had the Soviet Union - a time of deficits. And it was strange to hear such things.

    Probably, America will still jump and suffer a complete default. Consequently, the Slavic world will win.

  • After the mistakes at the end of the world 2012, there is no special trust in Vanga, Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar.

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