Is there now in Russia leading and leading, such as in the old days?

Is there now in Russia leading and leading, such as in the old days?

  • Of course, there are no such people, but there are similar, close ones. There is some continuity from the Old Russian Magi to the Old Russian wizards, from the Old Russian wizards to the modern wizards, and modern wizards try their best to predict, guess and work all sorts of miracles, as in the old days. Dressed, of course, not quite the way the sorcerers of the distant past dressed, there are no those long hair and unshaven beards. There is no sincere belief in pagan gods. But there is faith in the value of modern capitalist society, they know how to count money, and therefore the main goal is to get more of this money from gullible clients. Neither an atheist nor a Christian should turn to the wizards for help; for the first, the witch is a charlatan, a swindler, for the second, he is the possessor of evil spirits, a heretic who is trying to intervene in the processes and phenomena that are in the power of God. Only a person who truly believes in pagan gods can turn to the witch for help. In addition, modern sorcerers can be more conscientious owners of ancient magic and successors of the work of ancient sorcerers, or they can be less conscientious, or even charlatans. Before turning to the wizards for help, so as not to fall for the bait of the latter, that is, completely charlatans, and to make it easier to assess the competence of the wizards, you need to study paganism, know its rituals and traditions.

  • Of course there is and not only in Russia. Only one thing, now, so many charlatans are divorced, that sometimes you can not distinguish them. Only real guides and guides for a specific amount of money provided to people, or something else they do not take, they will be grateful to fruit and vegetables and products and money. Than you consider to thank, they and accept, instead of the concrete sum established by them as it is done by charlatans.

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