Why do we dream about fish in clear water?

Why do we dream about fish in clear water?

  • If you dreamed of pregnancy, you can be happy, you are either already pregnant or will soon become pregnant. In general, the dream is good. Do not worry.

    True. if you did not want such events, then alas, there is nowhere to go.

  • Here probably only dream interpreters. and that's all.

  • To the fact that your brain just generated this picture. You did not see or think about it, maybe a long time ago. There is no connection between dreams and the future that awaits you. Unless, of course, autosuggestion is involved here. That is, if, for example, you read in the dream book that the fish is dreaming of trouble, you will unknowingly seek this misfortune, be sure you can not find it. But absolutely exactly there is a connection between your thoughts and dreams. Try to think all day about some object or person. I assure you this will be a dream soon

  • Live fish dreams of an upcoming pregnancy. That is, to pregnancy, which is about to begin in you. And here it is not important that the fish is swimming. It can be live fish already caught and lying on the counter, for example. Therefore, remember your feelings from the fish you saw. If the fish was available to you, could have been taken by you, or it was yours at all, then most likely you are pregnant.

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