How to drive a person away from home (see)?

How to drive a person away from home (see)?

  • Throw out her things at the next quarrel, change the locks at home. Better yet, to change the place of residence such as she will never lag behind, because the people of the suckers themselves do not live and do not give others peace. Here, only one thing is for a brother to become a man and be able to say no, and not be led all the time.

  • Unfortunately, in this situation, she will not leave your brother alone until he harms her. Since she is an energy vampire. Your brother must either force her out of the house, throwing all her things into the street and forbid her to come to him. , or do a rite of passage with a Black magician, since conspiracies do not work on vampires. I tell you this as a professional Esoteric.

  • Apparently he understands by his behavior that he does not really want to part and she grabs this straw, believing that everything can be fixed. In this case, he must firmly and confidently, without scandal and abuse, explain the seriousness of his intentions. To say that he made a decision to leave and it is firm and final and not subject to appeal. If he doesn't understand it anyway, then ask a friend to act as his new woman and even for the sake of appearance, let her move to him.

  • This is his karma. Perhaps this woman is for your brother a teacher of character, such a hardener. He has two paths - either to be firm or to be a mumble. You are powerless in this situation. He must manifest himself as a person. And then, not so soft-bodied men are actually rags. When they need it, they do it just fine. Only on one condition: when there are no those nearby who, out of habit, decide for them. If you yourself take on the solution to this problem, in the near future he will have the same lady.

  • I wonder what attracts this woman in your brother if you say that he is a "mumbler"? Maybe the real reasons lie in the living space, in other words, that she has nowhere to live. Or she is not interested in the material side of your brother. Whatever the real reasons are not , such a lady should definitely be discouraged from the house. As already advised above, try to change the locks and collect all her things. Call her and tell her to pick them up before a certain time, otherwise you will throw them away. If I understood correctly, then you do not live together with your brother? So try to move to him for a while. It will be easier to get out of the house, as I understand, the brother will not mind. You can also find him a fake woman (in principle an interesting option). Ask one of your friends to play the role your brother's beloved. Perhaps his passion will go crazy when he sees your brother's alleged new relationship.

    In any case, I sincerely wish you: the sooner you discourage, the better it will be for your brother.

  • If we talk about "how to ward off", I heard that a bouquet of St. John's wort should be hung over the threshold of the house.

    But seriously, you need to solve everything in pairs. Her brother cannot ask her to leave, let him collect all her things and take her to her apartment. And in his apartment he will change the locks.

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