How to attract the attention of a scorpion man?

How to attract the attention of a scorpion man?

  • Scorpio men have overestimated requirements for their companion to the sky: give them a clever beauty, so that they make a career, and do not forget about him. Their sexual energy is really high. A scorpio friend of mine found a girlfriend - the daughter of very wealthy parents, who speaks several languages, does ballet and alpine skiing, and who has visited many countries. He was just happy that he had such a girlfriend, bragged to all his friends. And he did not see at all that they were very different and they were not interested in each other (he could not even support a conversation with her). She left him. Now he is looking for the same girl, not settling for less.

  • Women and girls who want to attract the attention of Scorpion men need to remember that they (girls) must be (and not only appear) charming, sexy, mysterious, passionate, active, strong, bold, able to stand up for themselves. Spend more time with this man, but be able to defend your point of view in the dispute, you can not blackmail and refuse such men to have sex. It is difficult to be an ideal, but for the sake of a beloved man, you can try, if you really need this particular man.

  • I can share my personal experience: thank God, 8 has been married to one such representative of this sign for years)

    Scorpios are very loving, but if you really fall in love, then, most likely, forever.

    Scorpions attract inaccessible girls. When I met my future husband, he began to tell me that he was not going to have a serious relationship with anyone. To which I replied that I also didn’t want anything like that, although I fell in love with him at first sight! So, I began to show him my independence, I could go with my girlfriends to the club all night long, and then I told him how I flirted with a nice guy, in every possible way causing his jealousy.

    Also Scorpios is important that the girl was an extraordinary person and passionate kind. The sexual side of relationships is very important to him. I worked a lot in this direction)

    In general, after six months my lover confessed his love to me, and six months later we got married. Now we have two kids.

    I want to say that the character of Scorpions is rather complicated, and sometimes simply unbearable, but the family is always in the first place for them. According to statistics, Scorpios rarely change their halves. I confirm!

  • Astrologers point out that scorpion men make excessive demands on their second half. She must be perfectly beautiful, ideally intelligent, ideally caring. I know a scorpion male who always finds fault with a badly ironed shirt or mote in some corner. In short, I think that such men love the ideal!

  • They are no different from other men in love. One representative of this sign responded with mystery.

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