How to find out the phone of Alexander Sheps?

How to find out the phone of Alexander Sheps?

  • The phone number and other contacts for communication with a very talented psychic-medium Alexander Sheps - the winner of the fourteenth "Battle of Psychics" - are on his official website, just follow this link - all the necessary information is posted there.

  • You won't be able to get the phone of a famous psychic just like that, but you can try to call the number listed on Sheps's website. It seems like you can make an appointment using it, but I would like to remind you that the battle of psychics is, first of all, a show, but nothing is known about the real abilities of psychics, and whether they exist at all.

  • Sheps' personal phone number is unknown, and he is unlikely to give it to everyone. However, Sheps has a phone by which you can sign up for a personal meeting with him. Call this number: 89260830938.

  • In order to contact the winner of the fourteenth battle of psychics, Alexander Sheps, you can visit his official website and leave a question that interests you.

    And this is the official group dedicated to Sheps, where in the "Links" tab you can find Alexander's personal page and try to contact him.

    As for the phone number, such personal information is not posted on the Internet.

  • The personal phone number of Alexander Sheps can be found only through his acquaintances from those who have his phone number. There is no other way to find out. But, you can sign up for a personal meeting with him by this phone number, if necessary: ​​8-996-730-55-71

  • Here is the official site of Alexander Sheps. There is an opportunity to contact him, the only thing that I did not really like is that there they start to "poke" like "your name" and all that, it seems like we were slurping together behind the garages. Register, and then you can ask him directly, perhaps in this way you will find out his phone number.

  • You won't be able to call Alexander Sheps directly. He has more than 500 thousand Vkontakte subscribers, it is clear that he will not be able to answer everyone.

    You can communicate with Sheps only at the reception. To do this, add this person as a friend with the note "For appointment".

    Or call the Sheps manager at the number - 8-996-730-55-71.

    And the last communication option is to write to e-mail [email protected]

  • The peak of recognition and popularity of psychic Alexander Sheps came in 2014, when he received a blue hand, as a palm tree in the fourteenth episode of the show "Battle of Psychics".

    Previously, Sheps is a prima owner, but now she is more specialized in the sale of various amulets.

    Alexander has his own website, on which he can personally post a message, as well as an email address. [email protected]

    As for the phone, on the Internet you can find such a contaat as

    How to find out the phone of Alexander Sheps?

  • Nobody will give you the personal phone of the psychic Alexander Sheps, if only he himself makes friends with you. If you want to make an appointment with him, call 89260830938. There you will be advised on how to get a meeting with a magician.

  • Alexander Sheps's phone number is given on his official website. But I think that of course this is not a personal phone, but just a phone for information about the reception. You can use it to make an appointment.

    Here's someone who really needs:8(926)?083-09-38

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