What flowers should I give to Sagittarius?

What flowers should I give to Sagittarius?

  • What flowers should I give to Sagittarius?

    What flowers should I give to Sagittarius?

    Freesia Bouquet

    Flowers of the zodiac sign Sagittarius

    Sagittarius is distinguished by kindness and cheerfulness. Sagittarians are optimistic by nature. It is interesting with them, archers love to philosophize, they live as if only for today. For archers, a bouquet of flowers similar to his character is well suited.

    The main and preferred color shades for archers are bright reds and purples. They love all spring flowers - crocuses, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, freesias. Sagittarius love solemnity, so the bouquet can be decorated with palm branches, carved leaves and a beautiful dressing band. For decorating bouquets, it is better to choose packaging made from natural materials, such as rice paper or jute, tree bark.

    Blue Crocus

    What flowers should I give to Sagittarius?

  • I believe that Sagittarius is one of the most sociable, intelligent and energetic signs. In addition, people who were born in December are very adventurous personalities).

    What do astrologers and florists recommend when choosing flowers for this zodiac sign?

    I will not say that florists and astrologers are original). They propose to focus on the best qualities of the sign and to present those flowers that will successfully emphasize these qualities. Be sure to buy a bouquet of stunning flowers - muscari. At first glance, it may show that the flowers are simple, but what a delicate aroma comes from them, how touching they are.

    What flowers should I give to Sagittarius?

    In addition, you can choose flowers that emphasize the purposefulness of our sign. Florists recommend choosing flowers that literally strive for the heights. You can choose from an extravagant eremurus bouquet or a bouquet created from liatris flowers. The flowers should be purple in the bouquet, lilac, yellow (at a minimum), blue. Bouquets can only be packed in natural packaging - rice paper or jute packaging will do.

  • Sagittarius, one of my favorite signs of the zodiac, which is referred to as such an element as Fire.

    People who were born under the sign of the Zodiac - Sagittarius love flowers very much, they are charged with positive from flowers.

    Sagittarius are well suited for flowers such as: gladiolus, because this flower is able to give Sagittarius a lot of positive energy.

    Also, one of the most important colors is bonsaiIt is these flowers that are capable of attracting positive energy to Sagittarius, they serve as a talisman for this sign of the Zodiac.

    These flowers help Sagittarius fight depression, bad mood.

    Sagittarius are very fond of indoor plants, so you can donate lemon, which charges Sagittarius with positive energy, cleans the house of all negativity, brings a lot of luck and happiness.

    Clivia will also bring a lot of happiness to the house where Sagittarius live.

    No need to pass by colors such as: dandelion, cornflower, lotus, dahlias, roses - these flowers will not only give great success and love, they can cheer up Sagittarius.

    Many Sagittarius do not like carnations, but in vain, this delicate flower will give a boost of vivacity.

    Flowers such as the following have a beneficial effect on people: zashin language, indoor grapes, palm, reed, ficus, peony.


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