What are the mantras for attracting a man's love?

What are the mantras for attracting a man's love?

  • By themselves, mantras do not attract love.

    They serve to purify the heart, the soul, to receive goodness.

    The love of a man comes when the heart of a woman is open and ready to accept love, and also ready to give, give love.

    Many mantras speak of love, but not of the love of man and woman, but of love for all.

    There is a mantra that balances masculine and feminine. Serves harmonization and makes a woman feminine, and a man courageous.

    Amazing mantra.

    Tumi Bhaj re Mans,

    Tumi Japa Re Mana,

    Om Sri Ram Jaya Ram,

    Japa Re Mana

  • Mantra, as you know, is something like a spell, or speech, which has some power or even magic and directs its action on the subconscious of other people. I do not know anything in this matter, but I found, it seems to me, a good site where 7 mantras are presented, and so:

    7 mantras for love and attraction of love

  • It is necessary to read mantras of love, and there are many, many of them. The taste and color. Choose the mantra that you will read with pleasure!

    Mantra "Om Namo Narayanaya" - will help create love and harmony in relationships.

    Here is a variant of her singing:

    The following mantra will help to strengthen the relationship in a pair, to awaken reciprocity:

    Aum Jalavimvaya Vidmaha



    I also saw on the Internet a positive review about the mantra:


    It helps to strengthen the relationship in a couple or to find a soul mate.

    There is also the mantra "Tumi bhaje re mana", its very beautiful performance in a male voice can be found here:

    This mantra helps to create harmony in relationships, opens the heart.

    And this is not all, there are a lot of mantras in this direction.

  • Good day to you!

    Love mantras

    Listen up I hope you will like it. In mantras, the main thing is correct pronunciation of sounds. And you probably know that the mantra should be read on average 108 once a day.

    Look at the mantra http://womanadvice.ru/mantra-lyubvi

    And a very strong mantra of love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC6Gng6w7Fo

    In addition, they are very beautiful and caress hearing.

    Good luck to you.

  • I know only one:

    om shri krishnaya govindaya gopijana valabhaya namah

    Listen here: http: //mantroterapija.ru/mantry-natalya-pravdina/om-shri-krishnajya-govinshy;dajya-gopidzhanavalabxajya-namax.html

    I wish good luck and great love!

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