What are poems about Aquarius?

What are poems about Aquarius?

  • If you are a true Aquarius

    There are many adventurous ideas in you

    We would have the strength to realize everything

    And for a new take again.

    There are so many talents in you

    What are all the diamonds worth in the world?

    And yet in the creative success of the success

    Without any unexpected interference.

    In love, rather, a lot of hobbies

    Such wonderful, passionate adventures

    But you can love very much

    Suffer, desire and let go.

    Of course the windy all Aquarius

    But life can still rejoice

    To give joy and kindness to all

    Do not forget about your cherished dream!

  • On the children's portal "Solnyshko" I saw such a touching rhyme about Aquarius babies:

    What are poems about Aquarius?

    An equally interesting poem about the ladies of this sign (already from another site

    What are poems about Aquarius?

    And still wonderful verses about the same sign (taken from the script of the prom:

    What are poems about Aquarius?

  • Vice of propriety does not suit me.

    From the care of society and home

    I will sooner or later restrain,

    His talent for the Higher vlekoma.

    I do not feel my property.

    I am a giving sign, child of Uranus.

    To get bogged down only in cares? Aquarius

    Do not drain water into the abyss of the ocean.

    And my spirit in anticipation of spring.

    I'm all in the future: I'm thirsty for novelty,

    Suffering from the standard and routine.

    My mind is clear, my thoughts are honest.

    And my gift is subordinated to

    Politics, poems and pictures.

  • Aquarius is a faithful comrade,

    And he is an assistant.

    His interest is boundless

    To everything that is to create.

    For the sake of friendship Aquarius

    And love will not regret.

    In society they are more fun,

    Than with one century to go.

    Old-fashioned in personal life

    And almost not erotic.

    Rare sex is great!

    You will not be changed.

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