Is it possible to guess on playing cards to yourself?

Is it possible to guess on playing cards to yourself?

  • The person guessing on the cards, certainly knows that it is impossible to guess on playing cards in order to avoid mixing completely different energiesand cards as a means of transmitting information "from the air" should be known only by one hand. To "clean", as someone advises, playing cards before fortune-telling has absolutely no sense, because the energy of the number of hands in which the cards were (even if it is only two people) is more difficult to neutralize than to buy a new deck of cards.

    Therefore, in order to ensure, so to speak, the "purity of the experiment", do not use playing decks in fortune-telling - get yourself a separate one and don’t give anyone in the hands.

    Is it possible to guess on playing cards to yourself?

  • on playing cards you can guess. Only if they have already been used for the game, they need to be "cleaned".

    You can also guess yourself.

    But a girl before marriage is better not to guess - you will lose fate.

    On Friday, they do not guess on the cards - this is witch's day and the cards lie on this day.

    You need to know how to guess. Just spreading the cards is not fortune telling.

  • In general, fortune telling is not worth telling fate will be lost !! Then knowledge is needed for fortune telling !! Even on fortunetelling cards do not play any fools and so on)) The whole thing is always practiced in adolescence)) So much fun))

  • Guessing to yourself is definitely possible, as many do. Another thing is that the majority of professional and believers do not do this because of the fortune-tellers' cards, since they believe that it is dangerous and not necessary - to know their own future, many are simply afraid. But this, theoretically, does not affect the result of fortune-telling.

    But as for playing cards, any experienced fortuneteller will tell you that you cannot guess on them, you can not expect the correct result. Divination cards are even specially "charged" in various ways, and they are treated very carefully, not at all like playing cards. But if for you fortune-telling is just a way to have fun, guess as you like)

  • No guessing on the playing cards yourself can not. Cards should be used only for fortune telling and can not play them. I generally think that fortune-telling is not right on a regular deck, you need to guess on special cards.

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