Found a needle in your pillow - what does that mean?

I found a needle in the pillow - what does it mean?

  • A needle in a pillow - this means that someone in the house has not followed the location of the needles - this is most likely a joke, but there is a possibility of such an event. But seriously, black magic interprets this fact as the desire of someone to remove from the road a person who sleeps on this pillow, even to destroy him. Ooh-eh-n-s not a pleasant fact.

  • And that means most likely, that someone from your home, put it there.So you need to think about who it could be. Well, if we really don’t know anyone or we don’t have, remember who is visiting.

    I did not hear about such things. Yes, they throw them up. Or they stick doors into the doorposts. At the expense of the pillow, I hear them in the first ones. And I didn’t hear even once that in such a way I could somehow influence it.

    I do not think that this is serious. But if we are afraid, You can throw the pillow or burn it and buy yourself a new one.The place where we sleep, spray it with holy water with prayers. I think this will be enough. If nothing bad happens, it means it’s possible that it will not happen. But we shouldn’t screw it up. Because you can hurt yourself with thoughts and faith alone.

    It is necessary to deal with those who are in your home, this is first of all. Secondly, with those who come to visit. Because by themselves, the needles in the house do not turn out. If you suspect someone from the guests, then next time this a person will come to the house, you need to watch him.

    Needles can be thrown into the house in order to harm. This damage is called a load. You cannot touch the load with your hands.

  • Yes, this is precisely the targeting of damage and I, due to my carelessness, did not do everything right, because I had not met with this before - I grabbed the needle with my hand, but it turns out that this cannot be done.

    A couple of days later, I still pricked myself on a nail thrust into my sneaker - this is also not an accident, because before this evening I came home in these sneakers, and after putting them on in the morning I felt a prick.

    The nail was quite rare - a furniture nail with a wide head and driven to the very top.

    Actually, I don't believe in this garbage - it's disgusting that someone next to me believes in it and tries in this way ... I don't know what he (she) is trying and trying to achieve.

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