Why can a person pursue failure?

Why can a person pursue failure?

  • It may be damage, and maybe working out the karma of Rod. If damage can still and must be fought, then with karma, oh, how difficult.

  • Depending on what to believe.

    You can look from the point of Buddhism and wait for the next reincarnation, when everything will be perfect, but for now just live such a life.

    As the stories of people who write books show, if failures - change your life, if it's hard - you are on the right track

    Maybe damage, people are very envious, they envy just everything and everyone.

  • No - all these evil-eye damage has nothing to do with it, and resorting to the services of various masters of black magic there is to waste money and fill the pockets of unscrupulous, penniless typuses with it. But there are simply such people in life (and quite a few) who, like residents from the Island of Bad Luck - "whatever they do, things do not go ... the crocodile is not caught, the coconut does not grow." In many ways, genetics is to blame, but defects in upbringing can also cause irreparable damage. If a child is spanked from his young nails, pecked that he is clumsy, a bummer, incapable of anything and useless, then the "product" will be exactly like that - if a person (especially - not yet fully formed) once, ten, one hundred hears that he is a fool, then quantity will turn into quality, and the child will believe it. And he will not lose faith. With all the consequences. This is how the "evil eye" and "damage" happen, that's their whole secret. Those. there is no secret.

  • If a person goes on the right path, income comes to him (luck, money); if a person goes the wrong way, bills arrive to him (problems, debts). So you need to change something. In general, it can not be that everything was bad. It may be that a person notices the bad in his life, but does not notice the good. And the world as a mirror reflects all his ideas about life. Well, if you see one negative, here you still hold.

  • If a person wants to escape responsibility for their actions, then "spoilage" is right to help! You need to work on yourself, on your life and fully realize that everything that happened is the result of your labors. There is no "luck" in nature, it is just an earned pattern. There are people who have lived to the age of sixty and begin to lament "oh, my parents did not raise me that way (they did not give me a proper education and others did not) and therefore I have not been good for anything in my life," but wait - my parents did not do it, but if you realize that you need education for development, for example, why didn't you move to get it? Or another option "here are my children (or generalized - youth) somehow did not grow up as we would like", as they brought up! Everything should be blamed on the cause from the outside, it is within us. Sometimes, in order to change something, you need to take radical measures - change your profession, move to another city or give birth to a child.

  • If a person has bad luck, it means that a person is doing something wrong. Right actions never fail. That is why the failures need to look exactly like a pointer. Which indicates where we need to work on ourselves.

  • Usually, it is considered that a person is hinted as if from above, that he lives life meaninglessly and does not work on himself, especially if he has a lot of flaws. So say soothsayers, but not all. Who earns from this, they will convince that you need to conduct sessions from damage (paid).

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