Why not put a mirror in front of the bed?

Why not put a mirror in front of the bed?

  • First of all, I want to note absolutely absolutely that any mirror is a guide to the astral world. I will not fully describe its features, you can do it yourself. Information on this topic is very much the same as the corresponding literature. But the fact that in this way you attract very bad guests to yourselves, it is necessary to say. Never the mirrors were in the sleeping quarters in front of the man's bed. And you should never indulge your erotic fantasies at the risk of health - and even the lives of members of your family. These are not empty words. I know the real facts, when in this way through the mirrors succubes and incubi entered the world of people. These are demons who feed on a man's sexual energy. The result is very serious illness, miscarriage or the birth of problem children - and even premature wilting and death. I do not think that you are willing to pay such a price for pleasure.

  • It is impossible - it is said loudly, if you really want to - then no one will bother to put it. But personally, I would be very uncomfortable. After all, any movement of a sleeping person will be reflected in the mirror (he jerked his foot there), and there will be a feeling that there is movement somewhere else in the room. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you might be intimidated by your silhouette in the mirror. The superstition itself is based on the fact that it is allegedly harmful for a person to often and for a long time look in the mirror, but here he is in front of the mirror all night.

  • I recommend to all men. At the very 10 years there is a cabinet with two !!! large mirrors on the doors. Aesthetic pleasure from what he saw when communicating with his wife outweighed all prejudices.

  • One mirror can be put in principle. It is dangerous to create a mirror corridor, that is, a mirror in front of another mirror. This is a real magical object, most often opening a portal to another world. One mirror is much less dangerous. At me, for example, the house does not swear strongly against a case with mirrors near a bed.

  • If you want to sleep well - do not put a mirror in front of the bed, because mirrors have mystical properties. Many argue that the mirror is a portal to another, other world. Let the mirror stand quietly in the corner, only so that the bed cannot be seen from it.

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