Is it true that when fortune-telling on Tarot cards: Black Card means happiness?

Is it true that when guessing on Tarot cards: Black Card - means happiness?

  • Tarot cards do not have a black card, but on the contrary there is a white one. And it does not mean neither grief nor joy, it symbolizes completely different aspects.

  • A classic deck consists of 78 cards. Classic meaning Wate deck. There are no additional cards in it, as in the decks of some authors.

    In some modern decks, there are 79 and 80 cards, depending on how many additional cards are put in the deck. These additional cards have different names and purposes. If there are two additional cards, then it is usually white and black. Their meaning is also very different, but whether to use it or not is at the discretion of the operator.

    By the way, in Vargo's deck, the black card is called Fortunka. Usually it means surprise, or says that fortune-telling should be stopped - in this case, you simply should not know your future. I would not call such an alignment happiness 🙂

  • please tell me, the other day I went to guess at a loved one, everything is not clear with him, well, they told me to remove the card while thinking about him, when I removed the card, it was empty and black, well, further in the layout were different Tarot cards, I don't know them, but this map somehow scared me right away, but they told me nothing terrible, what could it mean ... is it really so useless?

  • Let me tell you a huge secret - there is no black card at all in Tarot cards. The deck consists of 78 cards of 2 arcana. Minor arcana - in fact, just a deck of 56 cards - one (ace), two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, messenger, horseman, sibyl (queen) and pharaoh (king), four suits (with a slight difference) - cups (hearts), swords (spades), pentacles (tambourines), wands (crosses). Major arcana also includes more popular cards - Priestess, magician, high priest, master, mistress, cart, tower, moon, sun, star, wheel of fortune, moderation, justice, devil, jester, lovers, peace, death, high priest, hermit, judgment , strength (I can’t vouch for the sequence - I don’t remember exactly from the card numbers). Depending on the origin of the deck, the names may vary slightly (for example, instead of a cart, there will be a chariot, etc.). But there is no black card in the Tarot.

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