Born September 2, what character?

Born September 2, what character?

  • Virgos who celebrate their birthday on September XNUMX are honest, loyal and sincere people. Sometimes they are very changeable in life, and sometimes they are deceitful.

    Born 2 september, never ask, hate falsehood and hate any pretense on the part of other people. Sometimes they themselves cannot find an explanation for their actions, including because they simply do not want to waste time on unnecessary explanations to anyone, preferring that their actions speak for them. If the situation does not develop according to their scenario, not as they would like, that they cannot always change the course of events, since they cannot find the strength in themselves and completely release the situation out of control. If they think that they are being criticized unfairly, then they are simply ready to explode with indignation, therefore they carefully choose their partner both in business and personal life in order to fully trust him.

    In love, they pursue only their own goals, only they are led by them, preferring not to enter into a long relationship, being content with short intrigues.

    For such Virgo, work is sometimes the only desire in life, therefore, very often they become real workaholics who sacrificed their personal lives, and sometimes their family for the sake of a career. They work best with money and are excellent with finances, they are especially good at making investments.

  • At first glance, Virgos seem to many to be mired in material problems and everyday trifles, but this impression is deceiving. It's just that these people are unusually attentive and involuntarily note the imperfections of this world, especially in those areas where they can correct the situation. That is why the average Virgo cares about cleanliness in the house - like the Little Prince, a person of this sign tries to put his planet in order, and if this is not possible, then at least a corner belonging to him.

    For the most part, Virgos are smart, and endowed with both logic and intuition, but they are often too critical of the world and others and allow themselves sarcastic remarks, because of which they lose friends and loved ones.

    Virgos have their own point of view on many issues, but they undertake to defend it only in a dispute with worthy and interesting opponents; to shake the air, proving their innocence to a stupid and unintelligent person, they will not.

    Most Virgos are attractive in appearance and could be simply irresistible if they wanted to. But people of this sign tend to stay in the shadows, not to attract attention to themselves, so they are often underestimated, especially by those who do not know well.

    Usually Virgos are very calm and balanced, but manifestations of vulgarity, rudeness and stupidity can easily lead them out of this state. Faced with them, Virgos seem to lose their usual coordinate system; the most restrained in this case rush to move away from the source of irritation, while others rush into battle, sparing no effort.

    Virgos have a developed sense of duty and spend money very wisely, trying not to be indebted to anyone.

    Virgo men have powerful inner strength, but at the same time they feel submissive to fate and rarely decide on desperate actions. They have an excellent memory and, unlike most other men, are very attentive to little things.

    Virgo women are usually shy and shy. Often they seem devoid of shortcomings and able to refrain from actions condemned by society, but these are not their main advantages. Among Virgos, there are women with a difficult character, but they are also distinguished by a clear mind, excellent taste and passion of the soul.

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