Born 7 May, what kind of character?

Born 7 May, what kind of character?

  • I can't stand female Taurus in my life. Moreover, life almost does not bring me together with men, but if it happens, they are slightly different from women. So, female Taurus is many times smarter and more intelligent than male Taurus, they are assertive, achieve their goal in any way, often occupy leadership positions, in short, in their life everything is arranged well. But! they are die-hard, it is unrealistic to negotiate with them and, as a rule, nevertheless ... um ... not very intelligent in comparison with other signs of the zodiac, but not stupid in any way. They are smart in their own way, what they need is what they understand, but a step left and right - there is nothing to talk to them about. Well, by their nature they are antiiiivny, vindictive, bitches, in short. The peasants are softer in character, there is little that interests them in life, there is no assertiveness at all, they go with the flow, but stubborn and stubborn. Amenable to persuasion when talking about topics in which they are incompetent, and this is almost any topic. You can negotiate with them, unforgettable.

    Cons, you can bet, you can not bet, based on your own life experience.

  • Taurus, who celebrate their birthday on May 7, are loyal partners, very dynamic in life, and have charm. Sometimes they are too fussy, and sometimes they are nervous.

    Those born on May 7 are distinguished by constancy, and if they take up any business, be it personal or public, they treat it with all seriousness, be sure to bring it to the end, mostly victorious. Their goals and their activities may be religious in nature. They are not at all tied to money and easily part with it, including for charity, maybe this is what explains the fact of their luck in life, when they are always and everywhere lucky. Such Taurus appreciate art, love music, they are attracted by beauty and harmony. They themselves are a little hidden from others, they value the inviolability of personal life very much, they never participate in mass gatherings.

    Born 7 may usually devote themselves entirely to their family, sometimes forgetting about themselves, which can lead to depression. But still, they know how to achieve balance. Very good parents.

    They are distinguished by their professionalism in various fields, they are creative in any work, they are usually in good standing with the management.

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