Are there witches and witches in the modern world?

Are there witches and witches in the modern world?

  • Yes, there is. I came across a sorcerer! He looked like an ordinary person, at first glance even affable. But then, the fun began. He was constantly nagging something and throwing it up. Why didn’t we like him? I don’t understand. Protecting them prayers, try not to get in touch with them, do not look into the eyes. The witch got in the way, the eyes did not have an unusual eye color, the bezel was blue, but she didn’t do anything to me, the only thing she told about this sorcerer was that he threw it that it is impossible to touch with your hands, you need to hang prayers, do not open the door for him and do not let of the house, as if he (she) did not try (las) to popast.Koldovstvo in our time there!

  • There are, only to their greatest regret, magicians have charlatans, who almost every first. Recognize them is not possible in our time. These are not those pendolfs who walked around the village with a cap on their head, in a long mantle and with their long beard. You can recognize them according to your inner feelings and intuitions. This is for the average person. and a sorcerer, having met another sorcerer or a witch, can feel his energy, determine strength and in general what he does. He will look at him intently, and may write off all the information from him if he wants.

  • Yes, and in our time there are modern witches and sorcerers. But only in the general crowd you will never know them, because they are modern and not as evil as they are described in the literature.

    This is seemingly ordinary people who in appearance are no different from their own kind. The main thing is not to bother with this and you should never be afraid of them, and you don’t need to turn to them and then there will be no negative consequences.

    They are both white and black, and they have different directions in magic and influence on people.

    There are other people who possess hypnosis and may be zombie others.

    It is advisable not to get involved with such.

  • There are so many!

    You do not need to protect yourself from them they won't hurt.

    Work only by request of peoplewho want, out of their stupidity or anger ... in any case, always out of very bad intentions - To charm, send damage, and pr..byaki, to other people.

    Therefore, defend yourself better from enemies, competitors, envious, blindly in love, etc.

    And it is better not to have any!)

    We each have our own protection from nature, from God ...

    From stronger impacts(if you feel!) - only real magician!

    In such things .. do you know ..- "There is no prima against the scrap - except for the scrap itself"!)

    Namaste!) Clean All Auras!)

  • Of course not. And they never were and never can be. All magic is based on (self) deception, illusions of perception, or the lust for money. How you can not believe in - I can't even imagine. After all, everyone seems to know that, for example, photography is the most ordinary object, many people know in detail how it turns out, and that it has nothing to do with the person depicted. But they still believe that manipulating her can somehow affect him. All the needles and passes in the world are parallel to the quanta of light radiation fixed on photographic paper long ago.

  • Nothing has changed since ancient times in this world. At all times, and in ours, there is also a certain contingent of people who are amateur or professionally engaged in such matters: targeting damages, evil eyes, envolting to death, land drying. Only now it is also put on the rails of the business. Esoteric newspapers and magazines are full of ads about their paid services. There are many charlatans among them who, not owning the secrets of craftsmanship, simply draw money from the gullible. But unfortunately there are professionals in their field who are able to harm energetically weak people.

    Are there witches and witches in the modern world?

  • I do not know. My sister is more sensitive. So she took her daughter to the healer a few years ago. And she began to make some passes over the head of the sister, and according to her, she began to mentally ask how much money the sister has with herself. And she felt like mentally showing her wallet and bills in it. Only after this wise woman has agreed to treatment. What happened? Maybe witchcraft?

  • I think there are. Only try not to advertise it, unlike any charlatans.

    As far as I know, this is inherited and just so a person cannot become a witch or witch.

    I also heard that there are black and white sorcerers.

  • And they are not even as rare as one might think). Only they are more introverts, and it happens that you meet close, and you never say anything "like that" about a person, but you take a closer look - yes, for sure - "ours").

  • Definitely there are people who call themselves witches and witches. If they call themselves that way, then they have their own special view of the world, beliefs. To become their customers, you need to take their view of the world. Those who do not accept, i.e. does not believe, always has a chance to stay out of their reach.

    It is known that professional hypnotists also have their own ways to circumvent people's disbelief in their abilities. Therefore, unbelief itself is not a guarantee of protection, but a very big step towards this.

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