Taurus - what are the dates of birth?

Taurus - what dates of birth?

  • Zodiac sign Taurus passes in the spring is quite warm.

    Taurus occupies most of May. 21 born at the end of April and until 20 May have a Taurus zodiac sign.

    The period of the Taurus zodiac sign lasts 30 days. Taurus is an earthly element.

    Taurus - what dates of birth?

    Taurus quite practical, often economical.

    Have a rather aggressive temper, but often seem soft and gentle.

    They possess cunning, but often cannot hide the real truth, because quick-tempered.

    Taurus men are a little different, but they bend their own line and they are also selfish.

  • People belonging to the zodiac sign Taurus are born at the end of April - May. More precisely, from April 21-22 to May 20-21.

    Taurus protects the elements of the earth, they should not allow themselves to be drawn into solving material problems.

    Taurus - what dates of birth?

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