Zodiac signs. Is Aries a sheep or a ram?

Zodiac signs. Aries is a sheep or a ram?

  • Baran. In my own experience I speak. I had a hard time with them and understood one thing, they are rams, egoists.

  • The Aries woman is a sheep, and the Aries man is a ram.

    Sheep and ram differ from each other only by sex, and the breed of animals is one. Like a chicken and a rooster.

    Why not call a woman a lamb, and a sheep.

  • Aries is the male zodiac sign. Therefore, we can say with firm confidence that this is a ram, not a sheep.

    All odd signs of the zodiac are masculine, and all odd signs are feminine.

    And Aries are all a little lambs, not for nothing that these lambs in many cultures have been sacrificed when performing rites.

    But on the other hand, if you recall the legend of the Golden Fleece, then they (Aries) are not as simple as it seems at first glance. Even if they are a little lamb or lamb.

  • Sheep and ram are one animal. Sheep - female, ram - male, lamb - cub. Aries - ram))))

  • Zodiac sign - Aries.

    Do not be afraid to tell the truth, Aries is a sheep, if it is a woman, if it is a man, then the animal of the zodiac sign is the Ram.

    The sheep and the sheep are very different from each other and therefore it is foolish to call Aries either a sheep or a sheep.

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