How to draw grass in Photoshop?

How to draw grass in Photoshop?

  • Graphics tablet to help) Or download brushes and customize their color, size)

  • To paint the grass in Photoshop, you need to change the appearance of the brush. There are ready-made blades of grass with three tips, choose the basic colors green or light green.

    Make the canvas the right size and start randomly clicking from one edge to the other, applying layer after layer of grass. As a result, it will turn out very quickly and clearly.

    An example of painting blades of grass in Photoshop

    How to draw grass in Photoshop?

    There is also a brush with only one line, but it will be much more tedious and longer to paint this way.

  • It is much easier to take a ready-made clipart and paste it, erasing unnecessary and adjusting the lights, shadows and color palette. And if you paint, then you need to take brushes, but not those that are in the form of a canvas of grass, but which are painted on a blade of grass, and, of course, adjust them to 100% opacity

  • In the standard set, the brushes have something similar to grass, you just need to adjust them.

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