What is the main thing in advertising for a photographer?

What is the main thing in advertising for a photographer?

  • In advertising for the photographer, the main thing is to clearly show your work, describe in what genre you work. In general, in more pictures, imagine and tell me more about yourself. Well, besides advertising, the main role is played by good recommendations.

  • The main thing in advertising a photographer is an unusual look at the world around him, and then it already depends on the genre in which the photographer works. It can be the quality of pictures, beauty, dynamism, work experience and so on, but there must be a distinctive feature, the so-called "handwriting". Standard shots are not interesting even in very good quality.

  • If you already have good photos, create a promo video for the VKontakte group, the site and Instagram https://vk.com/mosaicvideo

  • I like "personal" ads, in which photographers talk about their love for their profession. And, of course, samples of works reflecting this love. Of great importance will be the opportunity to view at least the approximate prices and territorial availability of the photographer. The most awesome photography site I've seen - here. There is everything and most importantly professionalism and non-standard creative look

  • Portfolio. These are samples of photographs, the best works of the master, so that the client roughly represents the professionalism of the photographer. In addition, of course, you need to indicate the prices for the work, you can also indicate what equipment is available and describe its characteristics as easily as possible, because a good camera and other equipment are usually no less important than the skill of the operator.

  • Of course, this is to show a potential client the result of your work - a photo. And how you show your work in the best possible light, the choice is yours. It can be a photo album, a book, a website, or just a selection of photos. Now the photographer is chosen for originality, the ability to display a person's individuality. As soon as you create several successful images for your clients and, believe me, they will certainly not only contact you themselves, but also recommend you to their friends. And recommendations, as we know, are the best advertising.

  • It seems to me that the main thing in advertising for a photographer is to be in the right place at the right time, and also to create your own portfolio with extraordinary photographs. So that the photo has its own character and its own unusual essence. I also think it is important to show your talent, and to be just an unusual photographer, otherwise all the photos from weddings and murders - all photographers have - are the same - No one is different in originality.

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