How to determine the growth of a person from a photograph?

How to determine the growth of a person from a photograph?

  • There is a whole science that deals with determining the size of various objects from photography - called photogrammetry.

    To learn the growth of a person, find some additional elements in the photo, the size of which is known. Note that the person and the object must be in the same plane.

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    You can determine the growth from the photo, but approximately. It is easier to determine the growth of a person when a person is depicted in full on a photograph. Then you need to pay attention to neighboring objects (lamp, door, table, if in the street, then a lamp, a pole or a tree, etc.).

    If the photograph shows only a face, then it is more difficult. If we assume that the size of the head is equal to some part of the body (for example, 1 / 8-1 / 9 of the body part), then we estimate the approximate size (length) of the head and multiply by 8-9.

  • I believe that the growth of a person in photography can not be determined, especially if he is on the photo alone. When a few people, then you can still estimate the growth by comparing a person with other people. Therefore, it is best to ask a person directly.

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    If this is not a portrait photo, then you can determine by eye.

  • With this method, the error will be very, very. But speaking approximately, then pay attention to the surrounding objects, the size of which is more or less standard: a door, a table, a chair. If the tabletop next to a person standing close to the waist, then in front of you is clearly a dwarf (I exaggerate, please do not be offended by the miniature ones!). If the person being photographed stands at a standard door, then a person with an average height occupies about 1/3 of the door in height. if higher or lower, then draw the appropriate conclusions. The same principle with the photo of the car.

  • It is necessary to understand that in any case the definition of growth from the photograph will not give an exact result. That is, say that a person, for example, 1m79cm. can only psychic. Looking at the photo, we can only assume the growth of a person, and the run (+, -) will be in the region of 5-10 centimeters. To understand even about how much growth a person in a photo needs

    • look at what else is in the photo. Perhaps some PDDs can give an idea of ​​how tall a person is. But, but that it is high or low will be understood by the naked eye
    • The second option will force us to recall the laws of anatomy and mathematics. The fact is that you can do this:

    How to determine the growth of a person from a photograph?

    How to determine the growth of a person from a photograph?

  • The growth of a person from a photo can be determined only approximately, estimating the ratio to the surrounding objects, and then if a person is photographed on the photo in full growth, and the other will be much more difficult. You can only roughly orient to the fact that the head occupies 1 / 8 from the whole growth and on this to navigate.

  • The only sure way to determine a person's height from a photograph that does not show a height meter is to look at the objects around him and compare their sizes with the sizes of the person himself (or individual body parts). If there is no such possibility (well, there are no objects around at all), then this can be done only approximately, by eye.

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