How to make a beautiful cardboard house

Need an unusual gift wrap? Do you need a craft in the form of an architectural structure? If you like to be creative with children, you can make a cardboard house together. The execution technologies will be similar, but choose the size and design in accordance with your individual idea.

cardboard house

Beautiful houses: options and ideas

A cardboard house can be made in the following options:

  • A play structure for children of such a size that it is possible to go inside (an alternative to expensive plastic complexes).
  • A small architectural form for dolls with a removable or missing front wall and the interior of the rooms worked out to the smallest detail.
  • Crafts on New Year's themes, for example, the house of Santa Claus.
  • Gift box with an unusual shape.

As you can see, there are several possibilities. Choose the one that suits you best. Make the game of children more interesting and developmental with affordable means.

DIY cardboard house

What will be required

To make a house out of cardboard with your own hands, you need to prepare the following:

  • Cardboard (corrugated for the frame, decorative for decoration).
  • Part templates, diagrams and flat patterns.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Eraser.
  • Scissors.
  • Knife.
  • Glue or thermo gun.
  • Decorative paper for decoration.
  • The cloth.
  • Paints.
  • Brushes.
  • Markers.
  • Suitable decoration elements (stones, flowers, beads, beads).

The set and amount of materials will depend on what kind and for what purpose you will make a house. For a growth structure, a strong frame is needed, and thin cardboard or thick paper is also suitable for packaging. The packaging design can be fully developed on a computer or a ready-made template can be printed. A large house will have to be handcrafted.

DIY cardboard house

How to make a scheme

If you want to make a small cardboard house with your own hands, it is better to use a ready-made template that can be printed directly on the sheet for the product. It would be better to draw a blank on thick cardboard. A small house is easy to build like a box from a whole sheet of cardboard with fold lines.

cardboard house scheme

If you are going to make a large growth house for children, it is better to cut out all the parts separately, although if the size of the material allows, it is not difficult to make a blank also in the form of a sweep, like for a box. The scheme of a small house is quite suitable as a sample. It is enough to increase the size of the constituent elements proportionally. If there is a large box of a suitable size, it is good to use it. Then you just need to cut out the doors, windows, perhaps strengthen the structure, build a roof on top (more conveniently a gable) and, of course, decorate the frame.

Manufacturing technology

This section contains a general sequence of steps. Each case will have its own nuances. So, to make a house out of cardboard with your own hands, work as follows:

  1. Prepare the base material and draw a diagram of the house or its constituent parts on it.
  2. Cut out the elements.
  3. If there are fold lines on the workpieces, draw along them with a corner of a ruler or other similar object. So, you will make grooves that will help to fold the thick cardboard straight and neatly along the line.
  4. Perform bends.
  5. Glue the seams.
  6. If interior partitions are supposed to be inside the house, glue them in with a heat gun (hot glue can be applied to the ends of cardboard blanks) or ordinary glue. In the second case, it is better to use additional joining parts in the form of strips bent in half. One edge of such a paper tape will go to the right abutting wall, the other to the left.

When the whole structure is assembled, start decorating. It is better to cover the interior walls, especially if the joining elements are visible, with decorative paper or cloth. It is enough to paint the outer walls of the house.

DIY cardboard house

Although you can lay out the lower part from stones or applique elements (paper parts). In a word, arrange the entire decor at your discretion. The main thing is that it turns out to be appropriate, and it is important to secure it securely so that during the game the house does not immediately lose its attractive appearance.

Dollhouse made of cardboard

The frame manufacturing technology will be similar to that already described. The only difference is that the facade wall is either not executed at all, or it is made opening, like a hinged door. This can be done on tapes, cardboard strips. When creating a play house for dolls, it is important to make it in proportions suitable for dolls, commensurate with them, so that they fit there and feel comfortable (sit, stand).

dollhouse made of cardboard

Particular attention is paid to the organization and design of the interior space. It is imperative to complete several partition walls between rooms. They will also play the role of a supporting structure. It is important to make furniture (or place a purchased dollhouse). Pay attention to the wall decoration. If you think over everything properly, the house will turn out to be very realistic, and the design process itself will turn into an interesting activity for young craftswomen.

New Year's houses made of cardboard

This option will have some peculiarities. If you are going to create a simple craft for a competition or interior decoration, it is enough to make it on the basis of a cardboard box. Such a product may not be openable, and the decoration (windows, doors) will be drawn or made in the form of an applique.

If you want to make gift wrapping, like a cardboard house, the product diagram should be such that the opening part is present. It should be convenient to take out the contents of the gift, and the packaging should not deform. At the box-house, the roof can be removed, one of the roof slopes can be opened, the base can be removed or moved.

New Year's houses made of cardboard

So, you can make a beautiful cardboard house with your own hands both for play purposes in a natural, comfortable size for a child, and as a souvenir gift (packaging or a doll's dwelling).


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