Which Canon DSLR is better to choose 600D or 650D?

Which Canon DSLR is better to choose 600D or 650D?

  • I work with Nikon, but I'm also familiar with these devices. Definitely 600D. The overpayment of the next model is exclusively for video filming. By the way, not all lenses are on sale. In general, when you shoot a video, do not torture the camera. After all, DSLRs are photos, first of all. For videos, take a camcorder. Nikon is better for photography. The pictures, of course, are not an order of magnitude better, but the difference is noticeable to a specialist.

    Let me draw your attention to Canon's marketing ploy: the built-in display on the camera is very high-quality, it shows the picture much better than that of Nikon. But the photo itself is worse. Many "teapots" are bought for this.

    Nikon is our everything!

  • What do these Canon cameras have in common?

    Matrix size 22,3 x 14,9 mm (crop factor 1,6) and resolution 5184 x 3456 (17,9 mpx).

    Such a format (cropping) is called EF-S, and lenses from EF-S and full-frame EF are suitable for it.

    9-point autofocus, 63 metering areas, the same characteristics of the viewfinder and the screen, sensitivity, video recording capabilities, support for SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards.

    The shutter works out exposures from 1 / 4000 to 30 s and long. 1 / 200 sync speed off

    Now the difference.

    The shutters are not the same. The 650d has a new model, it can shoot at 5 frames per second, compared to 3,7 frames for the 600d. Sometimes I need to report, you don't know.

    650 has a modified matrix. It is made using Hybrid CMOS technology, part of the sensors in it are also phase autofocus sensors. For the first time, Canon cameras allowed continuous focusing while shooting video. I personally do not need. I shoot videos very rarely, and it's more interesting to focus with my hands.

    The 550 had a screen that was stationary and with a light sensor that could turn off the screen when brought to the face. The 600 has a swivel screen, you can simply turn it "inward". So it will not get scratched yet, but the rotation knot itself - obviously, can be a weak point. The 650 also has a touch-sensitive screen (a first for a DSLR). For me, rotating - wherever it went, once every five years can come in handy, but the touchscreen, while maintaining the traditional controls, is strange. In general, this does not affect the quality of the pictures, and I am even ashamed that about the screens turned out as much as about the matrix and shutter combined.

    The processors of these cameras are also different. On 550 and 600 there is DIGIC 4, on 650 and 700 - DIGIC 5. It

    Which Canon DSLR is better to choose 600D or 650D?

    And this may already matter. Especially if you have to shoot a report or a genre in low light conditions. Or, again, a video.

    4000 doesn’t have that much difference (22700 versus 26700) in current times, especially if the mentioned nuances are important for the job. If you plan to take only a photo for yourself and the family for the birthdays of children, it is better to spend these 4 thousand for something else.

    Here you can compare test shots. In the left half, select one camera, in the right another and compare the result.

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