Smart and comfortable clothes for sphinxes

Surely many people think that mewing pets do not need clothes. In some ways they, of course, are right. Animals with luxurious fur coats do not need clothes to protect themselves from the cold, and if your cat is an exclusively domestic creature that does not go to the promenade, then it is not necessary to buy or sew a wardrobe for it. Another thing, if a pet breed came from ancient Egypt. Sphynxes with delicate skin are sensitive to temperature changes and often freeze even at home. Clothing will save from drafts, otherwise bald cats, most prone to cold, will have to be treated long and carefully.


Clothing for the sphinx helps the pet not to freeze in the cool season, and in summer a light cloak will protect the skin sensitive to burns. It is not necessary to buy warm clothes in special stores. And given their considerable price, there is an opportunity to save even more if you sew clothes to the Sphinx with your own hands.

clothes for sphinxes

It should be practical. It is important that the apparel does not constrain your pet in the movements, it was convenient for putting on and easily removed. Do not fit and very spacious outfits that will trail along the ground.


You can not forget about the safety for a hairless creation. No rhinestones and ribbons, beads and buttons, so that the playful pet does not swallow them. If the owner still wants to decorate with "glamor" the outfit of his pet, then all the fittings must be securely fastened. Preference is given to clothes with a minimum of stitches, which can cause irritation and rub. It is best to choose fasteners on Velcro that do not harm, and not zippers, in which the tender skin can get stuck.

clothes for the sphinxes

No matter how beautiful clothes for sphinxes with a wide collar or a cape, it is best to abandon it. An active animal can easily catch on the protruding part, which can create a danger to life. Appearance of clothes, of course, is not important for the pet, it is rather the object of pride of its owner. But the costumes, which will sport your cat, the main task is to take care of her health, and not to provoke tenderness among passers-by.

Easy way to make your pet elegant

Clothing for the Sphinx with his own hands is made very easily. Of course, everything can be bought, but what can be better than making it yourself, investing their care and love for a pet? You can find a lot of recommendations on how to tie or sew for a cat outfit, but there is a simple option without patterns, which is easy to make in one's own hand. A home or walking clothes for such sphinxes, depends on the beauty of the selected terry socks. They will make a chic vest for an ever-dead fur seal. A free rubber band and the absence of a heel are the only requirements for the chosen toe. The lower part of it is removed with scissors, and holes are made for the front legs. All sections are best swept to prevent the fabric from crawling. If the animal is large, then you can use one cut sleeve from an old sweater that collects in the closet.

sphinx cat clothes

And from the second you will get a nice hat for a nice walking kit. Also a piece of sleeve with a cuff is cut off, the top is twisted and tied with a string, small ear holes are made and the ties are sewn so that your cat does not lose such a cute garment. The cut pieces are swept. If desired, the hat is decorated with applique.

As you can see, clothes for the Sphinx with their own hands are made very simply.

How to accustom a Sphynx to wearing clothes

So, ready-made clothes for the sphinxes are waiting in the wings. Now there is a problem how to teach cats to wear warm clothes. Lovely creatures turn into evil furies, tearing with so much love created for them outfits. They fiercely resist wearing clothes and long accustomed to it. This is due to the sensitive skin of cats, which reacts even to soft material. Therefore, it is worthwhile to teach your pet to use a kitten to carry things. Naturally, materials for a sweater or waistcoat are chosen only natural and hypoallergenic, so you do not have to contact veterinarians with dermatitis. Synthetic fabrics or woolen with lurex inserts are discarded immediately. Sweaters and socks, from which things are made for animals, should also not cause allergies. Clothing for cats of sphinxes simply must be comfortable, soft and comfortable.

sew clothing for the Sphinx

It is not recommended to use rustling fabrics, so as not to frighten the cat. A dressed little pet first gets used to the outfits of the house, and then it can be taken out for a walk, leaving it unattended for a minute. At each attempt to free himself, the owner distracts attention with game or delicacies. Gradually, your pet will get used to walking dressed for joy and health.

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