Video of Gogunsky as Freddie Mercury of the show "One to One", where to watch?

Video of Gogunsky as Freddie Mercury of the show "One to One", where to watch?

  • I generally remained delighted with the speech of Vitaly Gogunsky in the form of Freddie Mercury. I looked spellbound, Vitaly was very much like the lead singer of Quinn. Even the voice and movements are like those of Freddie Mercury.

    You can watch this video on the official website of the Russia 1 channel.

    And you can watch right here:

  • Vitaly Gogunsky became a real Freddie Mercury, his performance in the March 23 edition led the judges to delight. Gogun never ceases to amaze with his acting talent. Yuri Stoyanov noted that Vitaly was not reincarnated, the real Freddie was on the stage. Watch the video of Vitaly Gogunsky will be available here after the release of the 23 March

    The photo Vitaly Gogunsky

    Video of Gogunsky as Freddie Mercury of the show "One to One", where to watch?

  • Vitaly Gogunsky in the season 2 edition of the show "One to One" will once again demonstrate its best side.

    This time he got image of Freddie Mercury. The number was very bright, professional and similar to the original made!

    Video Vitaly's performances can be watched on the Russia-1 channel on 23.03 at 17:00. And a piece of a small performance can be seen in the trailer for the next episode of the show - link!

  • You can watch Vitaly Gogunsky's performance in the show "One to One" on March 23 in the guise of Freddie Mercury right here on BV.

    Reincarnation really he managed to glory, though the voice, in my opinion, was still not very similar.

  • This time Vitaly Gogunsky performed in the form of Freddie Mercury.

    At first it was unlikely, literally four phrases (for some reason they are cut off in this video and only one of them is heard). Then - great. Simply gorgeous. I am delighted.

    Perhaps this is my favorite in the show "One to One", all his numbers are very memorable.

    In addition, I am grateful to the creators of the show for saying that Freddie Mercury is a pseudonym. In fact, the artist's name was Farrukh Bulsara. I'm surprised that I haven't heard about this before.

    Next time Vitaly Gogunsky will be Tina Turner!

    I look forward to this speech.

    Here is a video of his performance in the image of Freddie Mercury:

  • Vitaly Gogunsky is simply a brilliant actor. On the program, they noticed that he always gets used to the role and even works with his face and muscles. In the fourth issue of the show "One to One" on March 23, Gogunsky portrayed Freddie Mercury. The video can be viewed on the Russia 1 channel website or on youtube on the weit media channel.

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